Sinem Günel is a top writer on Medium in over 17 topics and has made over $11,000+ a month through Medium Partner Program. This is an interview with her. You can either read the script or watch the video interview in the link given below; You can subscribe to my Channel, Aamir Kamal where we interview most of the Medium writers. If you are a Medium writer who has a significant influence reach out to me through any of the social media and I will be happy to arrange an interview with you.

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Q: How did you find about Medium?

Sinem Günel: It was just a coincidence, my boyfriend was watching a video on YouTube and he told me there is actually a platform where you can write and make money. And then I signed up and it took me five hours and I posted my first article.

Q: What makes a successful Medium writer different from those who aren’t successful in Medium?

Sinem Günel: There are two types of very successful people on Medium;

  1. The first type of person is the ones who really target their audience.
  2. The second type of people are those who share personal stories and who actually share the whole story, they are not afraid of being vulnerable.

Some writers write stories about themselves but the story isn’t unique or it's not emotional and this doesn’t provide value to the readers and this is why people find it very hard to get successful on Medium.

Q: An Overview of Sinem Günel Making $11,000 on Medium in One Month:

Sinem Günel: It does not actually happen differently on that month but it is the sum of the whole year. I started writing every day on Jan. 2020. I have multiple viral articles and the power of viral article on Medium is that it making me money, months after month. In July, my previous viral articles get spiked up. Because I have this huge number of articles, I have written over 350 articles on Medium. Some of my articles viral in the past month still making me $100 a day. You don’t have to a super-viral article but if you have a list of viral articles, it generates you much more money.

Sinem Günel: If your story is curated then this doesn’t mean it will be successful or make you a good amount of money. But, if it is not curated then it is very hard to reach the masses. A few readers have sent my screenshot of the article of mine published in August 2018, so this will not be possible if it is not curated.

Q: What is your writing process look like?

Sinem Günel: I usually collect all my ideas in a yellow board and I have hundreds of ideas that could write about, then I just pick one of these ideas. In some categories I don’t have to do research, if I have to do research then I take 30 or 60 minutes to read articles or watch videos while consuming that content I structure my articles. Honestly, in most cases, I write about stuff that I know about. Most of the time, the content I write is the content I know about.

Q: If you import a story from your blog to Medium, do you think it impacts the engagement you receive on your Medium stories?

Sinem Günel: I haven’t done that myself, I published my articles on my blog before publishing it on Medium. I know from others that you import your stories and still get curated. I would prefer, publishing on Medium first then I will publish it on my blog.

Sinem Günel: That’s the most common question. Read the submission guidelines in detail, understand what the publication is looking for, and read some of their articles to understand the tone. There is no secret but writing good articles. The only goal of the Medium publication is to get more readers because that’s how they get more followers. Read a few of the articles.

What are two things that a publication editor looking into?

  1. Grammar and spelling mistakes. If they see spelling mistakes at the first sentence. I was Grammarly.
  2. The structure of the article. You have to add title, sub-title and the structure of the article look good.

Q: The future of email marketing for a Medium writer?

Sinem Günel: Email marketing is still very important even half of the people open your email. It is the most effective tool. You can distribute your articles or promote your products. I don’t think email marketing is going anywhere. Any writer should start email marketing from the very beginning.

If you are just starting on Medium, I would recommend writing a lot for a writer who is totally new. You need more content to get more followers. If you really big writers, they are still publishing a very high number of posts every month compared to those Medium writers who are upset about their failure and not getting views on Medium.

Q: What did Sinem Günel think about writing about a specific niche on Medium?

No, I don’t think that being focused on a single niche will get your more engagement because I am convinced that Medium showing my stories to people who are interested in that topic. An article about Social Media for example, so Medium is shown my article about social media to the people who are interested in social media. Most of my followers are interested in Personal development topic but I don’t think people stop reading my articles because I post a business or social media content.

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