How can you read articles on the Wall Street Journal for free? In this guide,  I will explain a simple and easy process with you guys to help you bypass the WSJ paywall and read articles for free. I am personally using this method to bypass the Wall street journal paywall and reading unlimited articles without buying their subscription.

In this guide, we will use a chrome extension known with the name of the "Bypass Chrome paywall" I have explained the complete process in a step-by-step method. All you have to do is to download this chrome extension. Install it on your chrome through the guide and you are happy to go.

I have added the video here;

[Video] How to read Paywall articles for free

How to Bypass WSJ Paywall and read Articles for free:

  1. Go to your chrome and type "Bypass Paywall chrome extension.
  2. Now, click on the first search result. It must be from the Github.
  3. Now, click on "Code" and download the code in the ZIP format.
  4. Open the ZIP format after downloading it, and extract the folder in the ZIP file into any folder on your PC or laptop.
  5. Now, open your chrome browser again. Type chrome://extensions.
  6. You have to turn on the developer mode.
  7. Now, click on "load unpack" and select the file we have extracted to a specific folder.
  8. Boom. You can now read WSJ articles for free without paying them anything.

In the table above. We have described the process just using the text, now we will try to demonstrate the whole process by adding screenshots and pictures. Our purpose in this article is to make it easy for you guys to read the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) articles for free.

[VIDEO] Chrome Bypass Paywall Extension To Read the Wall Street Journal for free

Step#1: Download the Bypass chrome paywall extension:

Go to Google, type "Bypass Chrome paywall extension" and click on the search result appear on top. The developer from a GitHub has invented the hack to read and bypass the WSJ paywall and he shared the code with the GitHub community. You can download the Bypass chrome paywall extension here.

Downloading the ZIP format of the bypass extension to read WSJ articles for free.
Downloading the ZIP format of the bypass extension to read WSJ articles for free. 

When you click on "Code" a new dial-up page will appear and then you just have to download the ZIP file.

Step#2: Extracting the folder from ZIP file:

This is a standard process. You have to open the ZIP folder after downloading it. There will be another folder in the ZIP file and you have to right-click on and extract this folder from ZIP to any folder on your computer or laptop. This folder is a very important part of the process. You have to extract the folder to a location that you could remember. If you are using a Windows laptop or computer then you could extract it to documents or downloads folder and you could easily find it.

Step#3: Installing the extension to read WSJ for free:

This is the next and easy installing guide. Go to your chrome browser and the type and enter; chrome://extensions, a new window will open up. In this case, you have to keep three things in mind.

1. You have to "Turn on" the developer mode. If this mode is off then you couldn't upload extensions from outside or extensions that aren't available on the Chrome extensions. You must Turn on this option in order to be eligible to read unlimited WSJ articles for free.

2. You have to click on the "Load unpacked" load unpacked could help you catch the file you have extracted and installed it on your chrome browser.

3. After installing the chrome extension for bypassing the paywall of newspaper sites, you can read the Wall Street Journal as well as hundreds of other news articles that have paywalls for free.

The conclusions:

The process of bypassing and reading the Wall Street Journal articles for free is very simple. You just have to install the chrome bypass paywall extension and you can enjoy reading unlimited WSJ articles for free.

I don't really support the idea of adding a paywall to articles as very few people could afford it while some students who are preparing for exams can't have enough money to afford all those expenses, so a hack to bypass paywall is a great way to learn and read quality journalism for free.

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I hope this article will help you get around newspaper paywalls.