Writing on Medium is fun, at least I find it a very interesting platform. There are estimated 500K Medium writers who publish at least one story in a month. As a beginner writer on Medium, I also have faced some of the very same problems. Writing a great piece takes time and most of the writers want to optimize their time by reaching more readership.

One burning question is; Can Medium articles be published on other platforms? My answer would be “Yes. but this isn’t as simple as it looks” I have written some answers to questions like these like Can you publish anonymously on Medium? & What is a good read-ratio on Medium?

Publishing on Medium:

When you publish a story on Medium, you own the rights of that story but you can’t delete it and republish it again on Medium. I have mentioned this thing because most of the writers on the platform get confused about it. Before we go into deeper things here are the two facts that you should know about;

  • You can repost or republish your already published article on Medium somewhere else.
  • You can repost or republish your already published article on your blog into Medium.
Yes, you can publish your Medium articles in other platform but you have to add a canonical tag in your stories. The advantage of adding a canonical tag is discussed in this article.

In this video: Can You Publish a Post Published On Your Blog On Medium? Importing and Exporting articles On Medium, I already explained some of the things that you should know about importing and exporting on Medium.

Importing your stories from your blog to Medium

The benefit of adding a canonical tag:

If you are importing your story to Medium or exporting your story from Medium. The benefit of adding a canonical tag is that when you publish a story on one platform then the search engine index that story. And if you publish the very same article on another platform without adding the canonical tag then it will confuse the search engine and in some cases, search engines might penalize you for duplicate content.

When you add a canonical URL into your story, it tells the search engine that “This story is already published somewhere else” This will automatically add a No-index for the search engine bots. The bots when crawl your story will find the original link of the published story.

Should I be worried?

No. If you do everything right, you don’t deserve to be worried about Google search or breaking any Medium policies because you aren’t doing it. One thing to note down here is that you should post stories only on your blog or Medium that you own. If you copy content from somewhere else to Medium then Medium will suspend your account. Also, your service provider could suspend your hosting if you copy other people's content from Medium without their prior permission.

I hope this helps.

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