Ghost is an Open-source platform where you could write articles and publish your best work. Ghost is just a blogging platform where you could make a beautiful blog and can make money through your Ghost blog through a variety of ways; spoiler alert; there are some of the monetization ways that you could only open for yourself through having a Ghost Blog.

Ghost started by a WordPress theme developer with the intention of creating a platform that could give the opportunity to the bloggers to start their own site without thinking about some of the search engine metrics like page-loading speed or making money but just write for its users.

Ghost is not-for-profit company and it invest all the money into product development.

Ghost Blogging Platform Review

I never received an email about the design of my blog but when I started a blog on Ghost, I received over a dozen email from other bloggers wanted to know which Blog theme is I am using? For anyone interested, this blog theme name is “Casper” and you can only install it on the Ghost content management system. This theme is more like Medium with a minimalist design and give a good experience for anyone who wants to read your article. I have invested $250/year on my Ghost blog and I think having a blog on is completely worth it.

1. Minimalist design and reader-friendly

This is the very first thing I like about Ghost. You get a minimalist design. All a reader sees is the content and nothing else. Ghost is a next-generation platform for bloggers and if you are late in this, you should better join it now. Ghost doesn’t have more free themes but you could buy some from other online theme stores and also you can edit themes to make it more reader-friendly.

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2. Ghost has a minimalist editor

The ghost gives you an opportunity to write on an editor that has a minimalist design like writing on a blank page. As you can see in the picture given below, all you have to do is to add your words. If you ever experience writing on Medium, you can easily relate the writing experience on Ghost editor is very similar to Ghost blog.

3. Built-in SEO

Ghost has built-in native search engine optimization. I write a complete review comparing the search engine optimization practices in Ghost Vs WordPress blog in this article.

Ghost doesn’t have search engine optimization plugins like that of WordPress but there are big disadvantages of using Yoast like plugin in your blog. They do most of the On-page search engine optimization for you.

I also wrote a story about ranking and optimizing your Ghost articles to getting ranked on Google search. You can read it in the article given below;

4. Free email marketing

Ghost gives you an opportunity that no platform on the face of the earth gives it to you and that is free email marketing. There is another platform that gives you this opportunity but their whole business model is based on just email marketing. The platform name is Substack. Substack takes a 10% commission when you charge a paid reader. But, there are some very serious branding issues with this site and that’s why most of people choose to go for joining Ghost.

Some email marketing companies like Mailchimp charges you $20 to $1,000 per month based on the number of email subscribers where Ghost, irrespective of your email subscribers doesn’t charge you a penny and your branding is intact too. You literally don’t lose anything.

5. Make money with your Ghost blog through getting paid readers

Ghost also gives you the opportunity to make your blog like Medium by charging money from your readers. You can introduce your own paywall with zero cost and no technical background and find your loyal readers. There is a concept known as “1,000 real fans”

According to this theory;

You need 1,000 real fans to make a living on the Internet.

This is quite true too. Even if you charge $3 a month from your 1000 fans, you will end up making $3K a month. With that amount of money, you can literally live a lavish life in underdeveloped countries and a pretty good life in developed countries. SEO: How To Rank Your Ghost Blog In Search Engines
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6. Global CDN with the fast loading speed

Ghost as a global CDN and use modern design and technology. They have hosted the site through a cloud hosting platform. The cloud hosting platform is the fastest on the Internet. On some cloud hosting companies like Amazon web services, they charge you based on per GB load. So, you pay less when there are lower readers and pay higher when more people visit your site. But, in the case of Ghost Hosting, they charge a fixed one year fee and they aren’t concerned about your traffic stats.

7. Free SSL and have your own custom email

They give you a free SSL and you have a custom email address. Whenever you want to send an email to your email subscribers, you can do that through a custom email that nobody could reply too.

A free SSL could help you protect your site from hacking activity. Ghost blogging platform does all these things for you for free. This is included in the package.

There are a lot of cost comparisons between WordPress and Ghost and most of the bloggers found out that the Ghost Blogging platform is more cost-efficient compared to the services they provide to that of WordPress.

8. Ghost software is free but Hosting isn’t

You can download the software and install it for free on your server. The content management system of Ghost is free but if you want to host your site on Ghost servers then you need to pay for the upfront cost. It will also include membership and email marketing services.

One of the best alternatives for install Ghost CMS is through Digital ocean that would costs you $5/month but I would recommend hosting your site on Ghost server. is a powerful WordPress alternative where you could build your blog and save alot of money, they also do SEO for you, Signup now for 14-days free trial.

9. Open-source platform and not-for-profit company

Let’s make it simple and concise. Ghost is an open-source platform and not-for-profit company. Even though it is a private company but still it is empowered by people who make content online. They didn’t raise any investment and are a profitable company from the very first year.

10. The Pros of using a markdown

You can use markdown to make your own function that might not be available. There are a lot of pros of using markdown. You can increase the page loading speed by uploading images through markdown.

11. A better Substack, Medium or WordPress alternative

Substack is an email marketing platform combined with an editor and a monetization way to get paid readers. Medium is a platform that gives everyone the opportunity to write, publish, and reach a wider audience. WordPress is a Content management system.

Ghost is a better alternative for all these services as Ghost CMS could give you the opportunity to implant free email marketing, getting paid readers. They have a better editor compared to WordPress. The Editor of Ghost looks very similar to that of WordPress.

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Some cons of hosting your blog on Ghost:

  • If you don’t know about the basics of Blogging then the first you should learn.
  • If you aren’t a consistent writer, don’t write on Ghost as it is expensive, not that much, you have to publish on a weekly basis.
  • Require little understanding of coding.

The verdict: Is Ghost blog worth it?

Is Ghost blog worth it? If you ask this question a few years ago, my answer would be a clear No! but now, as I have little money to invest and know the basics of blogging and marketing, I can write on this platform while generating revenue from other platforms. Ghost blog is totally worth it and I think Ghost CMS has a future as a lot of bloggers, writers, and creators moving away from WordPress to other CMS and Ghost has everything to be a suitable choice.

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