Having a custom domain on Ghost.org blog is another step toward achieving your dream of setting up a blog. The next step is to make your blog posts on Ghost optimized for the search engines. I personally use the “Casper” Ghost blog theme which looks similar to Medium.com, in this guide I will share a complete step-by-step process to rank your articles in search engines mainly in Google search.

I have hosted this blog on Ghost server and I am very glad that I choose Ghost to host my blog. I am never that confident as I am today using Ghost editor as well as hosting my blog on Ghost servers.

Custom domain Vs Ghost Sub-domain:

The cornerstone in your SEO practices. When you signup for Ghost, you have the opportunity to get a sub-domain from Ghost as well as you can set up your own custom domain.

If you choose to go with the Sub-domain then this could be a big blunder and you will lose a lot of readers because of this decision because getting a sub-domain from Ghost isn’t worth it and it is also not good for your branding purposes which should be your №1 goal on having a blog on Ghost.

You can buy custom “.Com” extension domain from any big domain name providers and easily link them as we did. Our blog, “techmintle.com” is hosted on Ghost servers and we have our own custom domain. Having your own custom domain is very important for search engine optimization, your branding, and getting customers in the future.

Why Ghost SEO Is Important?

I think for any Blogger, having a search engine optimization is the guarantee that you will have a compounding effect on traffic later when you wrote a blog post years ago still generating your traffic and leads. Optimizing your blog posts for the search engine is a very important part of being a blogger. You can make thousands of dollars by just writing on your blog keeping the search engine optimization into your mind.

There are many factors that are important for having a blog that is search engine optimized, today I am going to show you guys how to optimize your Ghost.org blog.

If you haven’t bought the Ghost Pro hosting and didn’t set up a custom domain yet, you can Ghost.org is a powerful WordPress alternative where you could build your blog and save a lot of money, they also do SEO for you, Signup now for 14-days free trial.

Using Ghost.org Tags the right way:

Tags are an important part of search engine optimization. Optimizing your tag can do two important things for you; the tag could be ranked on Google search and it also helps in the sorting articles.


You can add the Slug as well as the SEO description of the tag to optimize it for the search engines.

The Long-form Content Phenomena

Long-form content ranks very well into search engines and the reason behind it is that readers spent more time, the content solves more problems, and explains things in detail.

As only 20% of the Bloggers create blog posts of more than 1,500+ words, a study of Orbit Media.

This shows the power of long-form content. A blog post of more than 2,500+ words could make you the top 5% of the bloggers and possibly the top 1% of the bloggers in a specific niche. If you are writing about a specific topic, write long-form content.

You can also repeat your main keyword on your blog post more often if your blog post is more than 2,500+ words compared to a normal 1,000 words article.

The Off-Page SEO Tactics

There are two types of SEO — On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Off-Page SEO is optimizing your blog post for search engines but indirectly. Here are what you needed to do;

  1. Share your article on social media: Twitter and Pinterest could be life-saving for you. You can share your article on any of the social media platforms of your choice but don’t forget these two. Google uses social singling as a ranking factor. If more and more people are interested to share your content then this means that people who are looking for the same thing on search engines could love this too.
  2. Backlinks: Now, this is one of the most important ranking factors in Google. When someone links back to one of your blog post it means that people are actually trusting you and this is a good ranking factor for any blogger. If a specific blog post gets a do-follow link then this will increase the likelihood of that blog post to be ranked for that keyword too.
  3. Forum posting: Medium and Quora is a powerful example of adding your links to do off-page SEO. Quora doesn’t allow blog links that have ads or any other promotional materials while Medium doesn’t allow you to just add title and sub-title and leave your link…instead, you can write a unique, short 400 words blog post on Medium and leave your link at the end of the post.

Ghost.org do the most On-Page For SEO:

Ghost.org does most of the On-page SEO for you. On-Page SEO is whatever you do on your blog post is contributing toward your on-page search engine optimization. Here are some best practices for bloggers to add an on-page SEO to your blog. You have to add your main keyword in your title, subtitle, and in the body of the content. You have to add your previously published posts related to the topic you are writing an article about as well as you have to add references of other authority sites in your blog to make optimize for the search engines.

Keywords aren’t everything you have to workout on using LSI keywords on your content too. Finding the LSI keyword is a hard job but you can do that by taking some time off from the Internet and think of it yourself. You can also use the Synonyms of your main keyword and its related keywords in your article in order to rank your blog post published through Ghost.org.

Optimizing your Ghost blog Page loading speed to under 2 seconds

As you can see in the picture given. You can see my page load time is over 1.6 seconds, this means my blog post page speed is better than 95% of the websites on the Internet.

Keep in mind that just optimizing your blog post for loading faster then the rest 95% of the websites doesn’t mean that you will be ranked for any keyword even if you have better page load speed. There are over 200 Google search engine factors that contribute to the ranking of an article. A good, quality article is optimized for search engines as well as provides value to the reader. Ghost blog SEO is very important to learn.