If someone asks you “How do I make $1000 a month writing on Medium?” the possible answer would be to get curated and published in a popular publication. The combination of these two things could reach you to a new height where you could make a good amount of money writing on Medium and you don’t need any marketing because the Medium algorithm will do it for you. If you want to make money writing on Medium then you have to concentrate more on the writing process than anything else.

For the purpose of writing this article and making a video on YouTube, I interviewed the famous Medium writer Kathrine Meraki, she is a top-writer in over 5+ topics and her stories get curated more often, so I thought she will be the right fit for understanding how the curation works and here is how you could write articles that have the maximum probability of getting curated.

[VIDEO] You can watch my interview with Kathrine Meraki about; How To Get Curated On Medium? A Subtle Guide By Kathrine Meraki

What does getting curated mean on Medium?

Most people have asked this question on my Medium related videos on YouTube so I think this is the right time to explain “What does get curated means?” When you publish an article on Medium, you might have seen these types of results;


As you can see in the message above, Medium gives you the option when you just publish an article under the Medium metered paywall.

There is another option which is shown only if your Medium story is rejected by the Medium curators for choosing any topic.


If your story is selected by Medium curators then the topics the story get curated will be shown in front of the “Distributed in <topic names>

Update: As of writing this post, Medium change this system. Now, you just get this text at the end of your story “Medium choose this story for further distribution” and nothing else.

How to get curated on Medium?

There is a possible Medium curation guideline, you can read the official Medium curation guidelines. Following are the Medium official distribution guidelines

Following is the subtle version from the Medium curation:

  • High editorial standard: High-quality articles with properly cited sources with a personal touch could make your story stand out in the crowd. Beside Medium curators, it is the Artificial intelligence that could help you get recommended.
  • Value-added articles: The more value you provide by sharing information that a specific segment of the society knows about in your article, the more will be the chances of it getting curated on Medium. Some stories like “A confession of a former bastard cop” are the stories that were published at the right time, right place, and with a great title.
  • Unique stories and a careful choice of words in the title could help you to be better at storytelling.
  • The Clickbait: If your story is high-quality and you are doing everything right, still if you have a clickbait title, your story will not be eligible for distribution.
  • Citations: Include citations or sources of the fact you have mentioned in your post to make it more trustworthy. Some publication editors make ask you to include one.

Pro-tip: I have talked with a lot of Medium writers who get curated more often and they have told me that most of the stories published in popular publications get curated more often compared to publications that have a lower number of followers or self-publishing a story. Target popular publication for getting curated on Medium.

An Interview with Kathrine Meraki about getting curated on Medium?

You can either read the transcript given below or watch the video embed below;

Kathrine Meraki Interview with Aamir Kamal of tips to getting curated on Medium. 

Aamir Kamal: How long are you writing on Medium?

Kathrine Meraki: Yeah, I started writing on Medium a year ago but I wasn’t doing full-time.

Aamir Kamal: So, why did you started being consistent on Medium?

Kathrine Meraki: Due to the Covid-19 lockdown happen in Australia, I was working from home for my 9–5 job. I was writing every single day and started setting goals for myself. So, I think Covid lockdown enhance my passion for writing.

Aamir Kamal: So, what do you think about the importance of curation on Medium?

Kathrine Meraki: I think it definitely helps. If you put your post into bigger publications and you get curated then it will help a lot. It definitely helps you get more views.

This was just the snippet of the Interview with we conducted with Kathrine Meraki, you can watch the whole interview in the video we embedded above.

There are a lot of questions asked by people of “How they will know that they get curated on Medium?” In the new system, you didn’t know about getting curated unless and until you go to the stats section of your Medium story where you will find a “Chosen for further distribution” message just beneath the title in the individual stats of the story. In the older system, Medium specifically mention the topic(s) your story is distributed but in the new system you just get this message of “Chosen for further distribution”

It takes 2-hours to over a week sometimes in order that your story gets curated on Medium.

A lot of times that some writer's story gets curated after two weeks. So, don’t lose hope. One thing to note down here is that some beginner writers think that they can’t make money if the story didn’t get curated. One of my stories that aren’t distributed but still made over $212 this year.

I think Medium is the modern blogging platform where anyone could make money writing quality content. If you’re a good writer, and your story gets curated and published in a popular publication, Medium could be your six-figure revenue-generating platform.

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