I am from Pakistan and made over $1,000+ dollars writing on Medium. I joined Medium Partner Program at the very beginning of the 2020. As a Pakistani, i wasn't much sure about how did i will get paid. I was literally waiting every second for the earning to show up in my profile. But, it didn't happening. In the first month on Medium Partner Program, i have made over $4.4 in the first month being in the Medium Partner Program.

When you compared Medium with Blogger, as both are free blogging platform, Medium is way better than Blogger. As both are free-platforms but Medium could generate you more money then you every thought of. Also, Medium has a very insane good domain authority which make it very easy in order to getting ranked.

My Medium Profile where i mentioned "I am a writer and an Engineer. Pakistani blogger writers about writing, Blogging and Marketing"
My Medium Profile where i mentioned "I am a writer and an Engineer. Pakistani blogger writers about writing, Blogging and Marketing"

How to Join Medium Partner Program from Pakistan?

Believe me, the process is way easier to join Medium partner program. You need the following things;

  1. A Bank Account in Pakistan
  2. A Valid CNIC

If you want to skip the text, watch the video for the complete Medium earning setup;

Before you start the process of monetizing your stories on Medium through Medium Partner Program, you need to make a Payoneer account.

Video: How to Join Medium Partner Program From Pakistan

How to Join Medium Partner Program from Pakistan

Follow the step-by-step process to Join Medium Partner Program from Pakistan:

  1. Go to Payoneer.com and make an account.
  2. Get approved for Payoneer by waiting for few days.
  3. When Approved, click on the Receive> Global Payment service.
  4. Go to your Medium profile. Click on your Medium profile and a drop-down Menu will appear.
  5. Click on Medium Partner Program from the Drop-down menu.
  6. Now, it will directed you to page.
  7. Click on "Stripe express account" and continue.
  8. Now, you have to enter your country. Select United States in the country option and when you have to verify your phone number select PK as a country code.
  9. Now, the next process is very easy. Now, you have to add your debit card information. Go to Payoneer and click on Receive> Global payment service and now you can have three different virtual accounts. Select the US account and get the routing number and the bank account number and pasted it on respective boxes in the Form for Medium partner program.
  10. Click continue and you are done. Boom. You have Joined Medium Partner Program from Pakistan.

The next process is Tax filling. When you joined Medium Partner Program, now you can make money from your articles by getting more read time from Medium members. A Medium member is a person who pay $5/month or $50/year to Medium. When a Medium member read your article you get paid based on the reading time. In most of the cases, a 1-Minute reading time, you get paid $0.03 to $0.04.

Through 1,000 Medium member views you can make over $35 to $45 depending upon the length of your article. Longer stories on Medium makes more money.

If you want to receive payment then you have to fill-up the tax form. Put your real information, your home address and everything that is real in your Tax form. Sometimes they reject tax forms because people submit fake information to them. If you are living in Pakistan, submit your real information and start creating more content.

Sometimes, when you are new to Medium and publish stories, you don't get views or any engagement, when i was new, the very same thing happened with me. So, stay calm. Publish more stories and if you want to know more about Blogging on Medium, Subscribe to my newsletter.

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