You can make money through blog in multiple ways. is one of the best platforms for content writers and bloggers who want to get one of the best minimalist editors as well as get the advantage of the fast web experience through Ghost servers. If you are building a blog and want to make money through your blog then this is the right guide because i am running this blog from quite a time on Ghost server and I am happy to choose this site for hosting my content.

You can create a blog on through two ways;

  1. By getting a subdomain from Ghost: This is NOT recommended for any blogger because it will highly affect your search engine ranking. A subdomain looks like; This is a very unprofessional way of making your own blog.
  2. Your Own Custom Domain: Our site is hosted on Ghost and we have a Custom domain named “” This is highly recommended and is a very professional way to make your own blog. Getting a custom domain could help you get ranked on search results easily.

After setting up your custom domain, you could start creating content and write every single day on your blog. After publishing content for two or three months, it is now time to monetize your blog to cover the cost of the hosting and make some profit off your writing. Blogging is very competitive these days so it will be better to write good, long-form content and make it more Interactive.

Ways To Make Money From Your Ghost Blog:

You can make money from your Ghost blog the same way another blogger makes money but using Ghost as a CMS has one advantage and that’s you can get your own Medium like a platform where your loyal readers can pay you on monthly basis to read your articles.

If you haven’t started a Ghost blog yet, Start your own blog by click here.

1. Through Getting Paid Readers:

One competitive advantage of using Ghost over other hosting or content management system is that it gives you the option to directly monetize your content by letting your most loyal readers pay you by reading your articles that is only for paid members. This is what makes Ghost a powerful Substack Alternative. Your content is safe, you have a brand and you could build a five to six-figures income stream just by writing about your favorite topic on Ghost.

Even though some writers or bloggers will struggle to get paid readers but this isn’t just a one night stand, you can create content for months and then maybe you start monetizing it. Some websites are creating free content for years and now they started monetization. So, the first thing to do is to write unique and quality articles every single day.


Substack is a powerful platform that gives you the same opportunity to you to monetize your site but have more to do with this. If I am a new blogger and want to monetize my blog through getting paid readers then my favorite platform will be Ghost because of the following reasons;

  • You don't have to pay 10% commission as Substack charge but the all the subscription money will goes into your bank account.
  • You can retain your branding by building your own custom domain and hosting. You own your content and whatever type of content you upload. You have no restrictions.
  • You can be more profitable compared to Substack because Substack charges 10% commission for every paying member while Ghost take a one time $250/year fee.

2. Through Running Google AdSense Ads:

This is almost everyone knows about making money from their blog. You can start a blog and monetize it through Google AdSense. Ghost does allow you to add ads on your website. Our website uses Google AdSense to cover the cost of the yearly subscription charges by Ghost and we are happy with it. Here is a guide to start getting approved for Google AdSense;

  • Write at least 15 unique, long-form articles.
  • Start learning Search engine optimization.
  • Add About Us, Contact Us Pages in your blog.
  • Apply.

Target readers of developed economics because Google AdSense pay a higher CPM for developed economics. Find out how to insert Google AdSense ads in your Ghost blog?

3. Through Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing pays a higher commission like Click-bank can help you to make money when someone bought a product or service through your referral link. In some affiliate products, if you refer someone and s(he) bought a product that has a recursive cost on a monthly or yearly basis then you can create a steady stream of income.

I would recommend Amazon Affiliate Program but they have reduced the commission to over 2% which is lower to make worth it for a blogger. There are literally hundreds of affiliate programs that you can join and start promoting that affiliate links through your ghost blog. Keep in note that their commission values are different for different kind of products.

There are more alternatives of Amazon affiliate program that you could use in your Ghost blog to monetize it and generate a revenue. Some of the affiliate program give you a recurring revenue from 20% to 30%, which means you will make money from the every transaction between that customer and the company.

There are more. You can literally make money from Ghost blog as any other blogger from WordPress or Wix. There is no difference in terms of making money in Ghost Vs any other content management system.

If you haven’t started a Ghost blog yet, Start your own blog by click here.

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