Hackernoon is a website which was initially hosted its content on Medium but later on when they realized that the platform could restrict its content, they moved all the content to their own website and now you have the ability to publish content on both, Medium and Hackernoon. In this article, I will find you some ways to make money writing on Hackernoon.

Hackernoon doesn’t give anyone the direct opportunity to make money like Medium give you the opportunity to write and make money through Joining Medium Partner Program and some sites Medium alternatives give you the opportunity to make money through running ads beside your content.

What is Hackernoon all about?

Hackernoon content mostly revolves around Computer programming, Developers, and the Internet needs. Anyone could publish content on Hackernoon and every type of content like you can write about Blogging, WordPress, or any topic of your interest. The site primary goal is to get more computer programming related content.

Hackernoon.com started their journey with a Medium publication but when they got famous enough they realize that Medium isn’t the right platform to host content because you are in control of another company. They could restrict your content any time and you have to obey Medium policies if you want to publish content on the platform they own, monetization was a big issue here too.

3 Ways to make money writing on Hackernoon:

Hackernoon makes money through running ads at the end of every post you read that is published on Hackernoon. But that is Hackernoon business model, as a writer, what should be your business model? I know there are a lot of writers who just want to share their stories and don’t care about $100 check but honestly there like 80% of the writers who want to make money through their writing. Here are some of the ways through which you could make money on Hackernoon.

(1) Through Coli:

Coli is a cryptocurrency based company that helps you receive money through Crypto. Hackernoon published a story titled “Web Monetization + Hackernoon” where they have explained the whole process of how to add a pointer on your Hackernoon profile so that your loyal reader could support you.

Is it worth it? I think, no. It doesn’t. Hackernoon isn’t a big website like YouTube or Facebook where you could reach millions of viewers. But still, you should add it as a secondary way of monetizing your Hackernoon writings.

(2) Promote and growing your social media:

My YouTube channel is monetized, my Medium account is also in Medium Partner Program, I am writing on Vocal and have a blog that is monetized too. You can generate traffic and increase the search ranking of your blog by writing articles on Hackernoon and link back to any of the social media or blog links you want to promote and make money writing on Hackernoon in an indirect way.

Hackernoon could be the best choice for writing as there are over 10,000+ writers who publish great content. There are some writers on Medium as well as Hackernoon who writing about a specific niche and promote their social media channels as well as blog links.

(3) Make money through Hackernoon by affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a platform where you could make money just by sign-up for an affiliate network and start promoting your affiliate link, one of the way through which you could promote your affiliate link is through Hackernoon by writing a story about the product or the topic that the reader might find that product useful. A lot of famous and most earned bloggers make money through affiliate marketing.

As a blogger, I think writing on any platform could benefit you as you become a brand or to be called an expert in the field of your interest.

As someone once said;

Writing online is a privilege.

I published an article on Medium talking about “How to get famous on Tik Tok” and somehow it is picked by Google search engine. This article doesn’t generate much revenue from the Medium Partner program but it generated over $400 in affiliate deal with a company. I had to put that company affiliate link for 5 months and they have to pay me that much amount of money. Easy money I gauss.

If you write a great article, affiliate companies will reach out to you. So, if you want to get one, start writing and publish a great number of articles with exceptional quality on Hackernoon and the money you deserve will find you.

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