I am writing on Medium from the past 1 and a half years as well as making money writing on Medium through Medium Partner Program and Affiliate marketing. Most people when finding out about doing affiliate marketing on Medium get confused but if you do affiliate marketing on Medium the right way, your account will always be there and you don’t have to face any problems.

Most writers search for platforms like Medium where they could write, publish, make their own brand, and make money writing through Medium. Every month, I publish ten to twenty stories on Medium and almost 99% of them are only for Medium Members. This guide is like a Mini ebook where I have shown you guys how to make money writing on Medium?

I am a Pakistan based writer on Medium who has over 3.1K followers on Medium. Most of the time I publish articles on Medium about Blogging, Marketing, and writing on Medium. Writing is one of the most powerful and a privilege for anyone who knows English and can deliver his message in a good way.

My Journey of writing on Medium is very old. Even though I wasn’t making money from Medium, I was still writing on Medium. I started writing on Medium in March of 2019 and joined Medium Partner Program at the beginning of 2020. I am making over $200/month writing on Medium. Find out how you can make $200/month through Medium.

What is Medium? & It’s Business Model:

Medium.com is a website where anyone could publish content under his name. The writer could publish content specific to a single niche or a combination of niches and at the same time can make money writing on Medium. Medium first monetization strategy was to use it as an ad-platform where advertisers could write articles on Medium and then they could promote it to the Medium readers, but very recently they terminated that program and started a Membership service. In a Membership service, you have to pay $5 to read articles on Medium. The same way they have started the Medium Partner Program which was a program for writers to make money through getting more reads from Medium members.

Medium initially tried the ad-based business model but Medium says it can’t make money selling ads so it’s laying off a third of its staff.

At first, through this program, they were paying Publication owners to make money. This means only Medium publication owners have this opportunity to make money from stories published in their publication. Eventually, this Payment model where just the editors of the publications are winners and everyone else was a loser was that sustainable, for this reason, they have available the Medium Partner Program for everyone.

Medium Business Model is very simple.

Medium members who pay $5/month read content on Medium, the writers who publish content just for the Medium members and the medium company itself. All these three are the stakeholders. The medium here acts as a third-party between Medium members and writers who publish content on Medium. The Medium member read the content of the writer and Medium pay the writer based on a specific time-read. Some portion of this $5/month goes to Medium company.

How much Medium Pay per Minute member read time? There is a lot of confusion in this regard. Let me summarize it this way; let say a member didn’t read an article in a given month and at the end of the last day she read your article. This means you will receive more than $0.2 to $0.5 per Minute read time, but if you get one minute read time from a member who is an active reader then you will make $0.02 to $0.03 per minute member read the time. Most people confuse views with earnings. Remember, Medium doesn’t pay you for getting more views, Medium pay you for getting more Member-only views.

Here is How to make $100 a month writing on Medium without getting curated or published in popular publications.

Curations and Publications on Medium:

Curation is quite a new concept on the Internet, probably introduced by Medium. You might hear about YouTube saying “The system picks up their video” it is also a form of curation. Medium has over 35 Curators who regularly read the content published under the Medium Paywall. The story if curated is promoted under that topic it is curated. Curation is regarded as the most sacred thing on Medium. Most of the writers who are making more than $1,000+ a month writing on Medium are the ones whose stories are actually curated more often.

While you published a story on Medium, it takes from a few hours to two or three days to get curated, so you have to wait. But not all stories get curated. None of my stories every get curated but still, I am the top 2% of the Medium earners because I publish more stories and have a solid foundation in search engine optimization.

What is a Medium publications?

Medium Publications is like Facebook groups but on steroids. A story published in a popular Medium publication receive more views and has a high chance of getting curated because the editors of that Publication have a high standard for publishing more stories. Most of the big publications do accept writers to publish stories in their publication and you can find out that through their Submission page.

In some cases, you either have to send the draft link to the Medium editor which S(he) will review and add it to the publication, or S(he) will add you as a writer and you could later submit your article to that publication.

Getting curated and published in the popular publication could be the best thing that happened to you as a writer on Medium. Because writing on Medium and making money is directly related to being 0.01% of the earners on Medium. I have interviewed a famous Medium writer with over 15,000 followers while she made over $11,000 just in June from Medium Partner Program and according to her, Curation is the most important thing for any Medium writer.

In most cases, when your story gets curated, most of the top publication reach you to submit their story to them. Choose the publication wisely if this thing happened with you.

Two Ways To Make Money Writing On Medium:

There are two ways (allowed by Medium) to make money from your articles posted on Medium. Anyone could make money writing on Medium, you too. So, let’s discuss the two ways to make money from Medium.

  1. Medium Partner Program: This is very simple and easy to understand. You have to make a profile on Medium. Click on your profile and click on Medium Partner Program and signup for a stripe payment setting and you can now monetize your stories. Whenever you publish stories on Medium, it will be automatically monetized and you will make money from Reading time from the Medium members. The medium partner program is one of the best ways to make money through Medium members. Here is How to Join Medium Partner program from almost any country?
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing on Medium is allowed but most of the writers do it the wrong way and this makes their account getting terminated from Medium. Affiliate marketing is allowed but you have to disclose it in Infront of your audience that the links mentioned in your article are affiliate links and you could make money if they bought anything through these links.

These are the two ways through which you could directly make money writing on Medium. Some other ways include getting more clients who want you to write for them or companies approaching you to write an article on Medium about their product or service. Whatever monetarily you receive from companies other than Medium, you have to disclose it in Infront of your audience otherwise Medium might suspend your account.

How To Join Medium Partner Program and make money writing on Medium

You have to Join Medium Partner Program to receive money from Medium directly into your bank account. Now, some people face problems setting up their accounts because they are living in countries where Stripe is not available. If you are living in a country where Stripe is not available then I have a video tutorial for you where I have explained the complete process of joining Medium Partner Program from countries where the stripe is not available.

[VIDEO] Join Medium Partner Program From Any Country, Watch the Video here.

If you are living in a country where Stripe is available then you could easily join the Medium partner program and making money starting writing on Medium; Follow the following process;

  1. Go to Medium and make your profile
  2. Click on your profile. A drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Click on Medium Partner Program.
  4. Enter your valid information and bank information or anything required.
  5. Boom. You have Joined the Medium Partner Program.
  6. Fill the tax form to receive payment.

This was the complete process of joining the Medium Partner program and making money directly from Medium.

You can check out my Medium stats where I am getting over 90,000+ views on my Medium articles.


You can see Medium is one of the best platform for writers to make money writing. Some bloggers or writers make their own Blog and don't publish content on other websites with the fear that these platform could delete our content anytime. But, they forget the very fundamental thing about life which is that "Risk is associated with everything you do" You are eating your favorite food, there will be some health risk associated with it but you still eat it. Can you will make a new video hosting platform like YouTube to upload your videos, or upload it on YouTube? Just follow the rules and your account will always be there on Medium.

[Video] 5 Ways To Make Money On Medium As A Writer

How to do affiliate marketing on Medium the right way?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money writing on Medium. Some writers on Medium are probably making more than $1,000 a month just doing affiliate marketing.

I write about marketing and blogging or everything related to these two topics on Medium. I don’t promote any affiliate products except two companies, one company is from the UK which I can add name here due to agreement and the other company is Ghost Webhosting. Ghost is one of the best platforms to start blogging because they give you a fast web-server to host your content as well as a powerful editor. My own site is a hosted on Ghost and that’s why I am recommending it to your guys. Starting your own blog could also help you reach to thousands of your targeted audience and make money through different possible ways.

11 Tips to make more Money Writing on Medium:

Following are some of the tips for Medium writers to make more money through Medium;

  1. Publish more stories: Most of the famous writers publish 30 to 40 stories in a month. If you aren’t making a good amount of money through Medium then this means that you are doing something. To increase your chances of making a good amount of money you have to publish more and more articles. Write every single day and publish at least one story on your Medium profile.
  2. Longer-stories will make your more money writing: Writing long-form stories on Medium has two advantages; the first benefit is that it will rank on Google search more easily, the second benefit is that as Medium pay based on Reading time, the more the user spent time reading your stuff, the more money you will make.
  3. Target different publications:Write and published stories in different publications. I am keeping a close eye on Writers that are famous and most of them are in search of publication that is big and active. They sent stories to different such publications to grow their following.
  4. Interlink your stories: Let say I am reading your story and I am a Medium Member, now if you have a story about making a good amount of money through Medium, I might read that story too. Like, if you are writing an article about Medium, try to add links to your previously published stories on Medium about Medium.
  5. Add Multiple H2 Headlines: To make your story more engaging you have to add multiple H2 headlines. Even if a user skips one part of the story, the other Headline might get you her attention and this is good for getting good engagement on Medium which translates to making more money from Medium.
  6. Make your own Publication: There are a lot of benefits of having your own publication on Medium. If you are writing about something that probably will not be accepted into popular publication, try to create your own publication and add your stories. There is some famous writer on Medium who only publish stories on their own publications and making thousands of dollars.
  7. Writing about Medium: Yes, if you have anything to share like your Medium earning in the month of July or you have learned something writing on Medium. More and more people are interested to read content about Medium. You could make a few to hundreds of dollars writing articles about Medium on Medium.
  8. Sharing your stories to Facebook Medium Member groups: There are some Facebook groups for Medium members and writers where people share their stories. Don’t spam your stories in the comment section but try to write a good quality post and add the link to your story. I have made over $5 just sharing my stories into those Facebook groups.
  9. Leave responses: Leaving a response on posts that is related to the topic of your Interest could generate your hundreds of views to your profile which if you have enough articles could be converted into views and views could be converted to money. Leave as much response as possible but leave a response to other stories that elevate the knowledge of the user reading about that specific topic.
  10. Use Medium as a social media site: What you do on any social media? Make friends, sent them a request, if they accept, they can chat with you, getting your updates in feed and much more. Use Medium as a Social media site, make friends, and build relationships. You will love to see the change in your stats and your mindset applying this process.
  11. Fail, Fail, and Fail: You learn a lot of things when you fail. Without getting failed, you are just the same person as you were yesterday. Try approaching big publications like The Startup, Mindcafe, and Better Marketing and submitting them your draft. Try to write high-quality stories by doing intensive research and hopeful for getting curated. Learn more things about Curations or doing research on Medium about best practices to get Curated.

I write a very similar article on Medium: How To Make Money Writing on Medium In 2021?

Benefits of writing on Medium for Bloggers and Writers:

Think about a platform that could give you the opportunity to write and make money. But, you can also write and publish articles on Medium to drive more traffic to your blogs or YouTube. Because of the good domain authority of Medium, the posts published on its rank very easily on search engines.

Medium has different set of rules for stories published under the Medium metered paywall and those who don’t add Paywall to their Medium stories.

Let discuss both the scenarios in detail;

  1. If you want to get more traffic to your blog, or YouTube videos then you don’t have to add a Paywall to that article because doing so will violate Medium policies and your account might be suspended for that. I have two Medium accounts, in one account, I published stories that are under the Medium Partner program while the second account is for getting more traffic to my blog posts which is completely legal in terms of Medium policies.
  2. If you are a blogger and want to make money through the Medium Partner program then you don’t have to add blog links in your articles. You just have to share your thoughts or any information you possess.

In Short: How to make money writing on Medium?

Writing on Medium is easy and free-of-cost. In 2017, I don’t know about this platform and I am feeling very unlucky about it. To make money on Medium you can do that in two ways; through Medium partner program and through Affiliate marketing. We also explained 11 ways to make more money from Medium.

If you want to build your own site like Medium. Here is the best site for it.

You get your own custom domain with a fast hosting. Ghost.org is a not-for-profit organization. Register through this link and make your own site like Medium.

Edit 1:

I have Interviewed a famous writer on Medium, you can watch the Interview here on YouTube. I asked here about the $11,000 earning from June and she replied as;

You can make money in just one month but this was the cumulative effective of writing on Medium from the past two years on Medium. So, if you want to make money on Medium, write articles every single day or at least 15 to 20 articles a month.  


As you can see the the screenshot above, i have made over $4.64 in the first month of Joining Medium Partner Program but the earning increase steadily with time. Why? because i was writing and publishing articles on Medium almost every single day. Writing on Medium is fun and most of the people could make goof amount of money, or even making a living just writing on Medium.

Edit 2: Medium released the Medium Partner program earnings for the August 2020 and here are some of the earnings stats that might motivate you to write and publish content on Medium:

  • 66.4% of the Medium writers who publish atleast one story earned money.
  • 6.2% of the Medium writers made more than $100
  • The highest earning writer on Medium earned over $49,581.31 while the highest earning story made over $9,958.82.

That is a very impressive earnings. Think of it as a writer who is making $49k writing on Medium.

About The Author:

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