Content writing is fun. You can write and publish content on different websites or your own blog and can make money writing. I always love this idea of writing and making money online. I have this theory that “Internet is full of things we need in real life, we just have to find them” Writing was always my dream, I am not good at it but still I write every single day. Writing online is a privilege’ that everyone has but very few people could use it to its benefit.

I have made over $5.5K writing online just in 2019 and this year it could be more. Remember that $5.5K is a very big deal in underdeveloped countries. I was still a student and struggling to make money writing, even though my content wasn’t that big enough but still, I was sure that writing would help me in many ways. This guide is for everyone who wants to start writing and making money or build their brand. It is one of my dream articles and hopes you will find it in good health.

When I started blogging, I have no resources available, there were countless problems, the only thing in my mind was that “Writing online is the easiest way to make money” See, “Easiest” is a relative terminology. My father gives me 500 Rupees ($4) to cover my costs which definitely wasn’t enough to survive a week as a student. So, writing online was the only way. I just had a Laptop and a free-internet connection from my college. If anybody who had this level of a difficult life and do the job, you could do it too.

Writing and building your brand or making good amount of money online isn’t a one-night stand.

Is anyone could make money writing?

Yes. Yes with a full stop. Anyone could write online and make money. If you’re writing on Twitter then you could make money and build a brand but with consistency. Consistency is the key here. I am not a Grammar Nazi but have made over $15K writing online.

Anyone with very basic skills in writing and to be a little consistent can make a good amount of money writing online. There are a lot of benefits of writing online which I have explained in the section below.

A very famous blogger who is doing his full-time job too is making half-a-million dollars every year writing on his own blog for over 5 years. Writing online is quite lucrative but you have to find people. Content creators on the Internet are going to make more money as time passes by. Content is defined as “Anything that we create and publish online”

A tweet, a Facebook post, a Video on YouTube, a blog post or a Pin created on Pinterest is come under the definition of content.

Yes, anyone can make money writing even without knowing the technical stuff. I am no programmer or techy but I have built a blog.

Benefits of writing online:

There are a lot of benefits of writing online and publishing content. In this case, we will just talk about the benefits of writing blog posts or articles online.

  • Writing is good for your thought process: Writing about something could help you to concise your thought process. You are facing any problem or want to share something you know about, then writing about it could make you more clear about the topic and once you write about something, you will never forget it. In whatever industry you are working in, as writing is a form of communication, you could be better to explain things with clarity.
  • Building your own portfolio: “I got a job offer just because of writing on Medium” this is how it works. You write about something you are interested in and then you wait till any interested company finds about your blog posts. They love your content and if your work is really impressive. This is how you can build yourself a portfolio.
  • You could make a good amount of money: Yes, there are a lot of people who make a good amount of money writing; some are even making full-time income writing online. You could just write on any platform and make money. I have Interviewed writers where she made over $11,000 in a single month writing online. You can watch the interview on YouTube here.
  • You will learn more about the topic you are interested in: The more you write about the topic of your interest, the more you will know about different stuff related to that topic.

You could find more opportunities to grow and share your knowledge online and build a community under the topic of your interest.

Writing online is a privilege.

Is writing online worth it?

This is a relative question. One thing might be the favorite of one person while being disliked by another person. For me, writing online is definitely worth it. I started this blog in 2017, write about a completely different topic's and released my mistake in 2020. Deleted all my posts and just start writing about Blogging, writing, digital marketing, and different writing platforms.

The compounding effect:

When you publish something online, it is being there, forever. The more you publish content or articles to be specific, the more things getting add up and you get the benefit of the compounding effect. Einstein called compounding the 8th miracle in this world. As a writer on my blog, I have noticed that more and more people actually find my content as the number of my articles is growing. This means after two or three years, more people will find my content.

Ways to make money writing:

In this guide, we will share some free as well as paid platforms where you could start writing and make money. I have experience with all these platforms so I think I am the right person to explain to you the whole thing. I have over 4 sources of income writing online.

Writing online is easy but making money is hard and need consistency and passion.

Make money writing without investment:

If you don’t have the money to invest. Don’t worry because I have a solution for you. I was in college have no money to invest, I barely have any money for food but still, I have made over $1,000+ dollars so if I could make money writing, you could too.


Yes, see with a free Blogspot blog I have made over $1,238. I have shared this to show you the proof that you could make money without investment but you just need to be a good marketer.

Writing platform #1: Make Money Writing On Medium:

Medium is a great site. It is free. It doesn’t cost you anything to write and make money. It promotes your work and you could make more money writing on Medium by getting more Medium member views. In another of our guides, we explain how you could make money writing on Medium?

What is Medium? Medium is a platform that gives everyone the opportunity to share their opinions, stories, learnings, and almost anything. Writers on the platform make money through getting more Medium member's views which costs $5/month, we write an in-detail guide about Is Medium membership worth it? guide where you could find the benefits of getting a medium membership.

Medium is truly a revolutionary platform in today's age of online content publishing. They make money through getting Medium paid subscribers but how writers on the platform make money?

Here is the whole process of how writers on make money?

  • You go to Medium and create a profile. It is the same as making a profile on any social media.
  • You complete your profile by adding your picture and a bio.
  • Join the Medium Partner Program. Through this link, you could join the Medium partner program from almost any country.
  • Click on your profile, a drop-down menu will appear, and then click on “New Story”
  • Write a new story. You can send it to a publication or publish it on your own publication.
  • When you publish your story, Medium curators will read your story and if they find it a high-quality story, it might be recommended to interested readers across the platform.
  • Boom. You are now making money writing on Medium.

They use Stripe as a payment method and they released payments based on Net-30 which means the money you made in the one-month will be transacted to you on the 5th of the next month. Let say you made over $50 in April then you will receive this money on the 5th of May.

This is how much money I have made writing on Medium:


As you can in the picture, my earning has been increasing with the compounding effect we discussed earlier. You could make money writing without investment. Even though I am a Medium member but earnings don’t get affected due to any criteria. It all depends on you.

Pros of writing on Medium:

  • You make money with Investment as Medium is free to write.
  • Medium has built-in traffic.
  • You can use affiliate marketing on Medium.
  • Medium has a system to promote your work. All you have to do is to write articles.
  • You could also pay $5/month to read great content and support your favorite writers but that’s up to you.

Cons of writing on Medium:

  • Even though you own your content on Medium, your account could be suspended or terminated anytime. I am writing on Medium and you follow the guidelines, everything will be fine.
  • They don’t pay per view but instead for getting more Medium members views.

You can also check out some of the sites similar to where you could build your brand and make money.

Writing platform #2: Writing on Vocal:

Writing on Vocal is a good interesting journey for me. They literally pay you for getting views. The views be could from social media, search engines or any platform, they just need real human views, and you are done. Vocal Media is owned by a public limited company named “Jerrick Media” whose main business revolves around publishing online.

Vocal paid over $100,000+ in 2019 alone to its creators. There are some writers who are making $2,000 a month writing on Vocal. One benefit of writing on Vocal is that you could make money forever if one of your articles gets ranked for a good volume keyword. Three of my articles are ranked on top of the fairly good keywords and they are making me money. I have started writing on Vocal very recently and this is how much money I have made.


One interesting thing about Vocal is that they pay a fixed rate per 1,000 views. You will make $3.8/1,000 views if you aren’t a Vocal+ member and if you are willing to pay $9.9 per month then for the very same number of views you will make $6. I am a Vocal+ member and making $6/1,000 views with a $20 payout.

Pros of writing on Vocal Media:

  1. The vocal is free to write.
  2. The editor is more minimalist.
  3. You get paid anytime you pass the threshold. There is no time-limit.
  4. There are no ads or anything.
  5. You can publish as many posts you want and you will be paid for it.
  6. Your readers could also leave a tip for you.

Cons of writing on Vocal Media:

  1. When you are done writing an article, you have to send it to Vocal moderators and then they will accept your post. In my case, I have a 100% acceptance rate. They usually don’t reject a post.
  2. Vocal SEO is not that optimized. You have to make sure that you do everything right in order to get ranked.
  3. You can’t edit your articles once it is published.
  4. You can’t delete your articles once it is published.
  5. There is a difference of minimum threshold in order to get paid in non-vocal+ members which is $35 while for Vocal+ members it is just $20.
  6. There is a minimum word limit of 600 in order to get your story accepted into the Vocal system.

The vocal is a great platform for writers and you have to invest time and is passionate about writing. If you own any Facebook group or a celebrity status on any social media then you could bring big bucks writing on Vocal by sharing your work.

Freewriting platform #3: Make Money Writing through offering your freelance services:

Freelancing is a multi-billion dollar industry. You could make money writing for other bloggers or writers. There are some bloggers or writers who are on-rush and they want to invest money into their content marketing strategy. Writing is hard and it takes time to write really great articles, so they choose freelancers in order to get them on track.

Every freelance platform has a different approach when it comes to clients finding your work. On Fiverr, you make a gig and then just wait for prospective clients to find you. While on Upwork, clients upload their requirements and the freelances have to actively submit their bids in order to be considered.

On every freelance platform, you can set your charges per word count. Most of the writers charge $15 per 500 words. You could write articles on Fiverr, Upwork, or and make money.

Here are some tips for getting a win-deal on freelance platforms;

  • Write about a topic that you know about.
  • Quality over quantity. Some writers could charge more because they have years of writing experience.
  • Be active. This is very true for Fiverr and Upwork. If someone contacted you, you should reply to it in less than 10-minutes.
  • The freelance market is very tough and one reason of this could be that these platforms give an opportunity to everyone to make gigs or bid for a project.
  • It takes time. This is true for every writing platform we mentioned in this post. There is no one-night stand platform here.
  • Don’t shy away while dealing with clients.

Pros of being a writer for others:

  • You will make more money and faster than writing on any platform.
  • You will learn a lot of things about the art of dealing.

Cons of being a content writer on freelance platforms:

  • Uncertainty: Maybe you make a good amount of money in one month but make substantially less in the next month while doing freelancing.
  • You are writing for others so the compounding effect doesn’t apply here. You could lose your freelance account and in the next month, you will not make a cent.

Other writing platforms where you don’t need investment to make money writing:

These are honorable mentions and you could start writing on these platforms too.

  • Quora Space: Quora has a new feature that helps writers make a community around a common interest. I wrote a guide for readers who want to make money writing on Quora Space. If someone asks me; Is the Quora space earning program worth it? my honest answer would be “No, it isn’t worth it” but looking into opportunities you could promote other people blog links or products or services and pinned them on your Quora Space and they will pay you somewhere like $50 to $100 per 5K views.
  • HubPages: Hubpages is like owning a blog but there is a middle-man in it. Hubpages' business model is very clear, they pay you when you get more views or hubs. They show ads and place affiliate links and you make money based on the actions of your viewers. HubPages is a great platform but it is better to have your own blog then publishing content on some other site. Build your blog on Bluehost which is one of the cheapest ways to build a world-class blog.
  • Instagram: Instagram is good for personal blogging. Just make your own personal blog and update it every day. Creating a personal blog on Instagram could be the best opportunity you have.
  • The screenshot I have shared with you in the paragraphs above where I made over $1,300+ just with a single blog post from Google AdSense. Yes, that was from a free Blogspot blog I have created in 2017. I have made a good amount of money with a free blog.

All these writing platforms I have mentioned are free to write and you couldn’t invest a single cent but could make thousands of dollars writing on these platforms. I have made money on these platforms and I am confident that if you write every day, publish and do little marketing, and informed yourself about Search engine optimization you could do a lot better.

Make money writing by investing:

All the free platforms that we mentioned have the potential that you could make thousands of dollars but what if you build your own empire then build me somewhere else. I am a writer on Medium too but my main focus is always to write on my own blog. Investing in getting a custom domain and hosting could help you make your own empire where you could do everything you want. You don’t need to worry about anything. You could use dozens of monetization ways. Your content on your blog will be there till you stop paying on yearly basis for hosting and your domain name.

Make Money Writing Online: Build your own blog and make money:

You could make money through starting your own blog by buying a custom domain and hosting, the best hosting company we suggest you is Bluehost which charge you $3.9/month for hosting and you can get a custom domain. Building your own blog is like building your own online company. You grow as the times pass by and you invest more money into making your company a good place for readers.

That was our main idea behind building TechMintle. I wanted a platform which is there for years and gives me the option to share the stuff. Years after I have a good job and a good family, I am 23 now, I still have a platform where I will share content, maybe.

You could make money through your blog through the following ways;

  • Running PPC Ads: You could run ads beside your content on your blog and make money when someone interacts with the ad anyway. I have made over $15k through running Google AdSense ads beside my blog. One advantage of running PPC ads is that you could directly monetize any traffic. There are a lot of big social media sites that make use of PPC ads like Google AdSense to make money. Google AdSense paid over $1.5 Billion to different publishers just in 2019. The ad-spending is growing to increase in the next decade to over the 1-trillion dollar industry.
  • Through affiliate marketing: The most interesting way to make money online is to promote affiliate links in your articles and you will get a commission whenever someone bought a product or service through your referral link. One affiliate marketing network is the “Amazon affiliate program” but in my view, they don’t worth it instead you could try and reach to other potential affiliate marketing companies. One disadvantage of using PPC ads is that they affect your page-loading speed while in the case of the affiliate marketing, the link appears like a text and it doesn’t affect the page loading speed. So, a clear win-win situation here.
  • Through sponsor post: When you have enough audience, companies reach out to you to run sponsor posts on your blog. This is where the real-money is but very hard to get one. Our initial policy for profiting from this blog is to only use affiliate marketing and through sponsor posts. Sponsor posts should be inclined toward search engine intent to make sure that sponsors get a continuous flow of visitors from search engines. And, i think this is the job of the Blog admin to find a keyword that could help the company as well as the blog to get more traffic.
  • Promoting your brand: You first become a brand in order to get more sponsors. To be a brand you need to have a continuous publishing rate, have a great fan-base and you provide something nobody is providing. A brand is only niche means based on a topic that interests some people. You could just write to be a brand and nothing else. There are a lot of people doing this one example is Gary Vee, he promotes his social media channels as well as his coaching business.

And so on… There could be hundreds of ways through which you could make money writing on your own blog.

You can create your own blog like our and host your content by buying a domain and hosting on Bluehost which only costs $3.9/month. Signup here.

Writing on your blog is one of the boldest decisions you could ever take. In 2017, I started this blog but at the start of 2020, I discovered that I did one thing wrong and that’s “Not writing about the same topic” I wish someone told me once that “Niche” is the most important part of building you blog as a brand. If you want to start blogging always remember to choose a niche or topic that you are passionate about and have enough knowledge about.

It may take some years to build your blog a brand but believe me it is worth it.

When you bought a hosting and domain then almost every hosting company provide you an option to install “WordPress” which is one of the most used Content management system (CMS) but if you choose to go for a different CMS then my suggestion will be to use Ghost CMS.

Build a blog on Ghost CMS:

Ghost is one of the best content management system. Ghost CMS is free but if you want to build your site on Ghost server then they have some paid plans which start with $29/month and you could build a site like the one reading. Yes, we have hosted our blog on Ghost.

Ghost CMS is a minimalist design with an editor that looks like writing on a blank white page. We reviewed the Ghost CMS and explained it very briefly. WordPress Vs Ghost, Ghost is built on modern technology while WordPress still uses PHP. Ghost is a very good fit for anyone who wants to make their own subscription site where the loyal reader-pays you to read the content. You could also monetize your Ghost blog through almost any method available for bloggers online.

Disclosure: This post contain affiliate link. If you bought anything through these links, we will get a small commission with no additional charges to you.

If you ask me which CMS is best for bloggers? i would suggest Ghost. I have used both, WordPress And Ghost and Ghost is a lot better than WordPress. Sign-up for a 14-days free trial on fast loading and Built on Modern technology blogging platform here.

Is writing is rewarding?

Your blog could be the potential source of revenue and branding for you. Sooner or later you will start making money writing if you choose to write for any platform. Writing about things you know is a privilege’s and you could build a big brand around your topic or build a community with similar interests. Most bloggers look into just one thing while looking into blogging but they miss the whole point of sharing their thoughts online and learn more about a topic that they are interested in.

Which writing platform is best to make money?

  1. One writer on Substack which is another alternative of Ghost but free is making thousands of dollars every month writing about a topic of his interest.
  2. Another writer I interviewed is making $11,000 a month writing on Medium. She is writing on Medium for the past 2 years.
  3. A blogger named Ryan Robinson is making half-a-million dollars writing on his blog. He is writing on his blog for over 5-years and publishing long-form 10,000 words.

See the pattern here. All you need is just a writing platform to make money. The cornerstone here is “You” you need great writing and marketing skills in order to be successful in blogging. You just need to spend more time on platform writing.

About The Author:

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