I have bought the $5 Medium Membership and I am very happy with it. Medium has two programs in place, one is the Medium Partner program which is a program for writers to make money writing on Medium. The medium business model revolves around getting paid subscribers or people who pay $5/month or $50/year to read articles published under the Medium metered paywall for free.

For anyone who wants to read Medium articles, Medium gives you an opportunity to read 3 articles a month for free. There are a lot of people who are new to Medium and they are often confused about reading articles on Medium. There are two different types of articles published on Medium; Medium metered paywall articles often tagged with a * and Medium free articles that writers have no interest to block people from reading their work.

What is Medium membership?

Medium membership is a program from Medium for readers who want to read unlimited articles on Medium. Medium membership costs $5 a month or $50 a year from anyone who wants to read unlimited articles. Part of your $5 will goes to those writers who you read the content of.

By the look of it, $5 isn’t a very big amount for anyone who wants to read content on Medium. I believe investing $5 in Medium is the biggest return as you learn a lot from the great curated content published on Medium. Remember that everyone can publish articles on Medium but when a story is published on Medium then Medium curators review that story and if it meets their quality guidelines, that story or article will be recommended to everyone who follows the topic the story is curated on.

When you get Medium membership then a two green half circles will be shown on your profile picture as you can see in the image given below:


Is Medium Membership worth it?

This is a very basic question. Is Medium membership worth it? for me, yes it completely worth the investment. There are a lot of benefits of having a Medium member which I have described in the next section of this article. Medium membership is a golden opportunity that every serious writer on Medium should take.

There are two types of people on Medium;

  1. The writers: If you aren’t interested to read other people's work on Medium then you don’t need Medium membership. Just go to Medium, click on New Story, write the story and sent it to a publication or publish it right away and leave. This was me 4 months ago in April 2020.
  2. The Readers: You just visit Medium to read the best Erotic stories or productivity hacks, Medium is the right platform and for you, Medium membership is totally worth it. You should buy Medium membership in the first place.
  3. Those who are both, writers and Readers: Like me, I am a writer on Medium as well as an active reader. For over 4 months on Medium I was just a writer and was making over $100 a month so I thought, “Why not pay $5 a month to read and engage with other writers?” and I take the bet.

For me, Medium membership is worth it. You have to find your interests and then decide what suits your persona.

[VIDEO] Is it worth getting a medium com paid subscription

Benefits of getting a Medium membership:

There are a lot of benefits of having a Medium membership which you only find out when you become part of the Medium membership. If you are serious about writing on Medium then you should treat Medium as a social media platform rather then just a writing platform. Following are some of the benefits that you will get if you are a Medium member;

  1. Medium is a social media platform. You make more money and followers when other people find your work through Medium feed or any other desired ways. Medium is all about making fans of your writing so that those people come again and read your work. You can make friends on Medium only if you interact with other people.
  2. The most underrated thing to grow on Medium: If you want to grow on Medium then you should leave thoughtful responses on other writers' stories. This will help you to get discovered and you will make more money and more followers through this method. I love to leave 2 or 3 thoughtful responses to other Medium writer's stories.
  3. You can learn more about the topic of your Interest: You love to having fun with your Girlfriend, or want a good career or want to learn about data science, Medium is the best platform.
  4. You can follow writers and support their work: Think about this, someone else is reading your work and they aren’t paying for the time you have invested in writing a great article? what would be your response? Through getting medium membership you could support your favorite writers because they make money based on reading time.

How to get a free Medium membership?

Okay, I bite. Let me share the strategy with you that will get you a free Medium membership.

  1. Go to Medium.com
  2. Make a profile or if you already have, click on your profile and click on the “Medium Partner program” in the drop-down menu.
  3. Join the Medium Partner Program.
  4. Write at least 10 articles and submit it to a popular publication called “ILLUMINATION”
  5. Boom. You are making $5 a month and you aren’t investing anything.

Also, writing an article will take you some time but consider this a small investment for getting a high ROI.

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