This is the fourth episode of our Interview with different influential bloggers and writers. Jon Brosio is a top-writer on Medium with over 9K followers. You can watch the whole interview in the video posted below.

Here are some important questions that we asked Jonathan Brosio about Blogging and making money writing on Medium.

Question: How you get into Blogging?

Jon Brosio: Yeah, that is a good question. This is kinda like genesis story. In early 2017, I was working in a restaurant in LA, spontaneously the restaurant got first. The next morning the restaurant got fire, I bought a domain and hosting. One day my professor share a Medium article on Facebook and i thought; what is Medium? I go to Medium, On Medium, I see Quora and I go to Quora. The more you show up, the more things start to shape. That’s my little genesis story.

Question: How to make $10,000 a month blogging?

Jon Brosio: I approached from a place that I know that is a big dream. You have to show up and work on the days you don’t want to. It took me 4-years to reach this place. I was working two jobs. I was writing 2,000 words, two articles. In my first year of writing, I just made over $13. Writing online has one advantage and that compounds.

Question: What is the story behind

Jon Brosio: My first ever website was “whereisfidality” Tribeloyal was shorter, it gives me the idea of what i wanted to achieve. We are building this loyal tribe of people.

You can watch the whole interview on the video posted above.

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