Every day when I wake up, the very first thing I did was to check my Medium stats. Checking Medium stats is what every writer addicted to. On that particular day, there were zero views on my Medium article. I wonder what had caused it. I search my username In Incognito window and to my surprise, My Medium account was suspended. Writing and spending a lot of time on Medium, making a good amount of money, and do everything to not getting banned on Medium. I write about this experience in my Medium story: How To Not Getting Banned On Medium?

In this article, I will explain about what are some reasons that most people getting banned or suspended on Medium and will discuss what should you do if your account has been suspended on Medium and in the last stage of this article we will discuss what should you do and don’t to not getting banned on Medium.

You can watch the video where I have explained about getting suspended on Medium and how to send them your account complaint? Watch the complete video here.

Why Medium suspended accounts?

There are many reasons that writers go off-brush and this results in their Medium account suspension. There are some writers who have a solid foundation on Medium but still there account gets suspended and there is nothing you could do to reinstate your Medium account. In some cases, the account deletion is automatic and when you contacted them they restored your account. The process takes 14 to 20 hours and most of the time they replied with negative.


Following are some of the possible reasons that Medium delete or suspend your Medium account;

  1. Adding affiliate links without disclose: If you want to add affiliate links in your story then most of the people often miss this thing of adding affiliate links by adding disclosure into their stories. Medium clearly stated that if you want to do affiliate marketing on Medium or receive any kind of products or things from a company or a company told you to write a post about them on Medium, then you have to mention that. This is one of the most frequent reasons most of the accounts on Medium get suspended.
  2. Hate-speech: Hate-speech, targeting someone on Medium, and acting like a troll on Medium isn’t allowed. Your account will be suspended and probably, in this case, you will never get your account back. Keep in mind that even if your account has been suspended you still can read the content of other writers.
  3. Be in the Medium Partner Program and drive traffic to your external entities: This is another way where most writers watch videos about using Medium as a Marketing tool and they started adding their own links. Medium has different rules for those stories that are part of the Medium Partner Program and only Medium members could read that articles, the same way, if your story isn’t in the Medium Partner Program then you could add your blog links or YouTube videos or anything you want to promote. So, if you are publishing a story behind the metered paywall then you need to remove those links that are just for the purpose of getting more traffic from Medium.
  4. Copyright infringement: This is another common problem that led many writers to get banned or suspended on Medium. Medium isn’t the platform where you could just go to Google, copy an image, and paste it in your story. You have either to take screenshots or make your own images on Canva or take free of copyright images from Unsplash. Always mention the source of the image in the captions to don’t get suspended because of the copyright infringement on Medium.

Watch the Video: What if your Medium account suspended?

If you are doing any of these mistakes, please correct it otherwise this will be led to getting banned or suspended on Medium. Medium is a great platform, just leave your marketing self outside of Medium and understand the rules and you will be on Medium forever.

Sometimes Medium suspended accounts due to error. The system just put your account into the spam folder which you can retrieve if you contact their support team. Their support team is quiet helpful. How you can contact the support team of Medium? i have described two ways through which you can contact their support team.

Edit 1: My Medium account is suspended again and this time i was sure that my Medium account is gone but i still emailed the Medium support center. The following notification were showing whenever i open Medium website.


I emailed Medium support and they replied under three hours that my Medium account was suspended because of some system issue. But, then i ask them "Why this thing just happening with me?" and they have inform me that this is happening because of me adding affiliate links into my Medium articles. So, even though Medium allow Affiliate marketing if you add a disclosure then you don't need to do that.

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How to un-suspended your Medium account?

There are two ways through which you can contact Medium staff and can request a review. One thing to note down here is that if they suspended your account and sent an email then this means that the chances of getting your account back are zero to nothing. But, if they didn’t send you're an email and you somehow find out that your Medium account has been suspended then you have some hope left and can receive back your account because the chances are higher than the system put your account in spam filter in error.

Here are two ways to reach out to the Medium staff;

  1. Through their official email address: If you want to reach out to the Medium support staff directly then you can email them at yourfriends@medium.com, sent an email to your address, and wait for their response.
  2. The Medium support center: You can reach out to the Medium support Center through this link. Click on the link, mention your account problem and wait for 10 to 17 hours in order to get a response. If you care a lot about your Medium account then these 10 to 17 hours will be the hardest time you ever have.

The Do’s and Don’t of Medium;

Following are some of the Dos and don’ts of writing on Medium:

  • Don’t add your blog links to your story if just a member can read it.
  • Always take care of the source of the pictures or other material you use in your articles.
  • You own your content on Medium, this also means that whatever you upload to Medium you should have rights of uploading it. You can create your own Pictures through Canva.
  • Don’t target a Medium writer or a person who is not a celebrity.
  • Don’t target any right group. Medium is a fairly left-leaning platform so the chances of your story get deleted or you might lose your access to Medium Partner Program because of this issue.
  • Don’t tag dozens of writers on your Medium stories, if someone reports you for that, it might be another reason for getting suspended on Medium.
  • Always make sure your story is not cited any dangerous conspiracy theories or anything that could harm human beings.

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