Medium and Substack are both quiet similar platforms where you could make money writing as well as make money. Substack and Medium business model is very different and at the same time writers in both, these platforms have different business models. In this guide, we will understand the difference between Substack Vs Medium as a platform and present to you the whole picture so that you choose the right platform for your writing.

The history of blogging and publishing content online is very old. At first, writers and bloggers mostly prefer to write on their own blog, then YouTube come around and most of the content creators started uploading videos to YouTube. In this modern age where every social media site like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram is paying content creators, more and more social media companies for writers is evolving, one example is Medium. Substack is little different as they are more focused toward writers who want to build a community around their work and monetize it through paid readers. Check out: Sites similar to where you could make money writing.

What is Medium?

Medium is a platform where anyone can write articles and can make money by joining the Medium Partner program. A Medium user can create content as well as read unlimited articles if he is a Medium member which costs $5 per month or $50 a year. Medium is truly a unique platform and gives you a direct way of monetization.

I joke about Medium is YouTube for writers. It has every function that makes it very competitive compared to other sites. One or two years and it will be one of the best platforms for writers to share their stuff. You could be an online creator and build your own personal brand targeted a niche market. Niche does and doesn’t work on Medium. I have talked to My famous Medium writers and most of them were agreed on this fact that writing about a niche really doesn’t matter on Medium as the platform as Medium algorithm will show your story to only those who might be interested in the topic.

For me, Medium is an online chuck game. You can make money writing on Medium, most of my earnings are from Medium and I am grateful that there is a platform exist that could make me money while writing on it.

You can make money on Medium in Two different ways.

  1. Through Medium Partner Program. A direct way to monetize your Medium articles and make money through getting more read time from Medium members. Medium pay through Medium members read time so you have to target on-platform users in order to make thousands of dollars writing on Medium. I am currently making over $230 a month through the Medium Partner program.
  2. Through Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing on Medium is allowed but you have to add a disclosure. I am currently making over $70 a month through affiliate marketing.

Medium is like YouTube for writers but you just have to pay a very minute amount of money in order to read Medium articles. Remember that you can make money on Medium without paying anything to Medium.

What is Substack?

Substack is another platform where you could write about your favorite topic and at the same time, you readers could subscribe to your email list and can receive complete posts right into their inbox next time when you publish an article. I believe Substack is a good platform for anyone who wants to make money indirectly.

No writer never achieved more than 60% of the email open rate and the email opening rate is decreasing with every passing year but in suspect that Substack is still worth the platform. It is one of the platforms that could write content because it also has a great optimization strategy. I have reviewed Medium Vs Substack: Which platform is best for writers? on my Medium profile. If you want to start your own Substack newsletter then you could do that through reading this article.

Watch the Video about Substack: Substack Tutorial: How To Make a Substack Newsletter & Publication & Make Money Writing On Substack

You can make money on Substack in three different ways.

  • You can make money by charging your most loyal readers to pay you for reading your stuff. I think this isn’t the best opportunity as it locks the road of information. I have started a Patreon page but just after a month, I discontinued it because I thought this was a thing that I am interested in.
  • You can run sponsor posts. This is very difficult and you have to really put your content out there in order to get this. I follow a blogger who writes and publishes one story a week about Startups and has over 10,000 email subscribers on Substack and he is charging $500 per sponsor inclusion in his posts. I am his Substack subscribers too and honestly that thing motivates me to write more content on Substack. I believe this is the best way to monetize your Substack blog.
  • Including your monetize platform links into your Substack newsletter: This isn’t really big but still, you could propagate.

Substack is like a Netflix for some writers who goes with a paid publication while a Facebook for those who are just writing and want to build an email list and later want to monetize it with any specific way.

Comparison between Medium Vs Substack:

  1. Medium and Substack are both free to use and free to post. So in this case, both are the winners.
  2. The medium business model is more Interesting compared to Substack but if you really put good work on Substack and do your best, Substack could be more profitable in the long-run. Companies pay higher if you have an audience that is interested in a similar topic and you just have to click on a button to send them your thoughts. I think Both are the winner in this case.
  3. Medium search engine optimization is way better than Substack. Substack give you a subdomain which isn’t a good thing in search engine optimization. I have written about a very competitive keyword on Medium and it got ranked on Google. I think Medium is the winner here.
  4. The community feature isn’t on Substack. Medium is a social media site for writers. Substack is a platform where you could write, build an audience, and that sit. Substack is more like a personal blog. So, Medium is again the winner here.
  5. Trust. I think Substack could win in this case. I have never heard that Substack has suspended someone’s account but Medium does it very often. Like if you see 2030, which platform could give you the surity that your content will be there? I think I would trust Substack more than Medium. Substack is definitely a winner here.
  6. On Medium you could make money on your very first post but on Substack you have to struggle more often and use a social media site to promote your work.
  7. The difference between Substack and Medium in terms of the Business model is quite known. You could make money from Medium through the Medium partner program and through Substack by locking your posts and getting loyal readers to pay you.

[VIDEO] Substack Vs Medium: Which Writing Platform Is Good For Writers? A Comparison And Business Model

The main difference between the two writing platform:

This is the cornerstone difference between the two writing platforms. Medium is a social media site and when you publish an article in a popular publication, the followers of that publication could discover your work, the same way, your story could be curated and will be recommended to the people who might follow that topic across the platform. You could make thousands of dollars without doing anything but just writing.

While Substack is different. You either have to use Medium or Twitter or any social media platform in order to generate more email leads which you could monetize later.

If you ask me to choose a platform of your choice between the two; i would select Medium.

The key takeaways by comparing Medium Vs Substack:

Both, Substack and Medium is free to use. Medium is a social media site for writers and bloggers with good domain authority and have a great search engine optimization with a built-in traffic. Substack is like owning a blog. You have to generate content on regular basis, promote your work on any social media platform and find readers who could pay you to read your content.

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