Read ratio is probably the №1 factor that could help you to measure the writing success. Writing success on Medium doesn’t mean that you get more views or make more money but instead, the read ratio could help you how engaging your Medium articles are. I am a writer on Medium and have published over 160+ unique articles on Medium and run a Medium publication that has over 500+ followers. In this article, we will discuss some of the factors that could affect your read ratio.

I am not a native-English writer and there are a lot of times that my read-ratio isn’t that good but in some cases, I have achieved an incredible good read-ratio. In this guide we will discuss two things; what is the average read ratio on Medium? and how you could increase your read-ratio? We will answer these two questions and will find some factors that could affect your read ratio on Medium. I have written an article from 2-minutes read time to over 25-minutes read the time.

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What is a read-ratio on Medium? It’s simple. Let say, you published a story on a Medium and it got over 100 views. Out of 100 readers, 58 readers reach till the end of your article, this means that you have a 58% read-ratio. The most interesting stuff you write, the higher the read-ratio you get.

What is a good read ratio on Medium?

The following are some of the read-ratio of my articles published on Medium that has more than 200 views. We will look into two things here; the reading time of the article and the read-ratio.

  • An article of 5-minutes read time has a read-ratio of 73% and generated over 131 views.
  • An article of 3-minutes read time has a read-ratio of 82% and has over 211 views.
  • An article of over 10-minutes read time has a read-ratio of 40% and has over 161 views.
  • An article of over 24-minutes read time has a read-ratio of 49%.
  • An article of 7-minutes read time has a read-ratio of over 46%.

In my case, the average read-ratio is ranging from 48% to 60% depending upon the length of the article.

As you can see from these read-time comparisons with read-ratio, you can draw the conclusion that the longer the article takes to read, the less is the percentage of read-ratio. There are some writers who might have more engaging content and could get a good read-ratio compared to me or other Medium writers but I think this is an average read-ratio.

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How to increase your read ratio on Medium?

The following are some of the tips that could help you get a more read ratio on Medium.

  • Don’t write long paragraphs: Every age and type of people might find your article interesting and some people in your readership might find it very difficult to read long paragraphs. Write shorter, 3 to 5 sentences in a paragraph.
  • Add multiple sub-headings: Add multiple sub-headings that could help you getting engage your reader and let them read the article till the end.
  • Adding more rich media content to your Medium story: Don’t fill your article with pictures but add at least two to three pictures in a 1,200 words article.
  • Make it more personal: Tell a story, make it funnier at the same time a serious article. Change your tune and try to do research before writing an article about a topic. Research the internet and find what your target audience wants to know in an article.

Some things we learned from this article:

  • Read-ratio is counted when a reader reaches until the end of the article.
  • Read-ratio depends upon the length of your article. The long-form article will have a lower read-ratio compared to a shorter, 3-minutes read time article.
  • Read-ratio depends on the author's tune and quality of blog post too, but these estimates are for the general audience.

The conclusion:

A good read-ratio is the sign that you have delivered value in your article and more and more people finding it more engaging. There might be other reasons for not getting a good or average read-ratio and one of the prominent reasons might be that most of your audience is non-medium members.