Medium recently updated its privacy policy according to which “Medium could use your content to make money through selling it to other platforms but you can still own the rights of the content." Because of this reason many Bloggers are opting out from, deleting their content and want to find a platform or a site that is similar to, in this list, we are going to introduce to you some of the best alternatives that will help you build your brand, make money off your content and do much more.

Why Should I publish on 3rd party platforms like Medium?

I was watching a video on the Internet where a person who was a content creator on Medium, was complaining that she was getting a good number of views on her articles posted on Medium and if you didn’t get Member-only views on Medium, you can’t make money. In one way she was right. But, assuming that you will get the same amount of traffic on those articles posted on your blog is wrong and unthinkable.

Medium has a good amount of venture capital to invest in getting Backlinks from other authority sites. When you get a do-follow backlink, your site authority increases. This is what makes Medium a good platform for ranking articles on High difficulty keywords. But, if you delete all your posts on your Medium account and transfer it to your own blog then you don’t expect the same level of traffic as your site authority is less then Medium.

There is a risk associated with everything we do. There is always a risk of anything you do in your life. That’s a fact. Some people don’t give 100% to the platform because they think the platform is not owned by them and they can delete their account anytime. This is true but what else you will do? building a site for yourself? or making your own video hosting platform like YouTube? You can build a video hosting site for yourself but the cost and the hard work isn’t worth it.

So, if you are writing on Medium, and want to find other sites where you could also contribute or you want to leave Medium and find other Medium alternatives then you are in luck because we are going to introduce you to a huge list of authentic websites that may pay you for writing content for them.

Disclosure: Some links in this article might be affiliate links and i might earn some commission with no extra cost to you. I will never recommend any product or service without doing any research about it.

[Video] 5 of the Best Alternatives Where You Could Blog And Make Money Through Writing Online

Medium Alternatives That You Can Make Money From:

Using these sites you can make money writing. The following are some of the sites that could pay you for writing articles for them.

  • Quora: Quora is a question and answer based platform where people can ask questions, write answer to questions, and interact with other answers. Quora doesn’t pay you for writing an answer but they have two programs for its users; the Quora Partner Program, which is to ask questions and getting more answers, the second program is Quora Space Earning Program

Quora Partner Program is available in few countries and it currently not adding any new writers but Quora Space earning program is new and you can make money running ads beside your content on Quora. Quora will automatically display ads based on the User interest and you can make money by adding more content on your Quora Space. Here is my earning from Writing on my Quora Space.


  • Vocal.Media: Vocal.Media is another Medium alternative where you could make money just by getting views. Yes, pay you for literally getting views on your articles. Vocal.Media is owned by a public company whose main business relies on publishing content online.

Unlike Medium, I got over 150,000+ views on Medium and Medium didn’t pay me a single cent for those views while in case of the Vocal.Media if you get that much traction will be made thousands of dollars. That’s the difference between the two platforms. Getting 1,000 views on your Vocal.Media $3.8 while if you are a Vocal+ member, being a Vocal+ member means that you have bought $9.9/month of a package from the Vocal, for the very same 1,000 views you will make $6.8. So, if you are getting 2,000 to 3,000 views.


As you can see in the picture given above, I was paid $0.32 per 84 views. That’s 1 view on Vocal.Media generate 0.004 which means if we get over 1,000 views then we will make over $3.9, keeping the current rates in mind, this is a very attractive price in the writing industry. There are some Search engine optimization problems with the site but still, it is a good website to make money on. If you have a Social media page or can drive traffic through anyway to your Vocal.Media published posts, you will generate much more money compared to AdSense or any other ad-network.

Here is an update from Vocal.

I have started writing on Vocal and publishing very often, the content is mostly from the sites that are no more but I have saved the articles in a desk. I have uploaded over 30 articles on Vocal and have made over $6 per 1,000 views. If you are really interested and know about search engine optimization and have clear marketing background then you should buy Vocal+ which has many benefits for the creators;

Following are some of the benefits for creators if they choose to go for Vocal+ which costs $9.9;

  • You will make $6 per 1,000 views compared to $3.80 per 1,000 views as an ordinary member.
  • Your minimum payout will be $20 compared to $35 of ordinary Vocal writers.
  • You have to pay a 2% commission on your Tips which is another way to make money writing on Vocal.

I have 3K views then you will make $18 as a Vocal+ member while $10 as an ordinary member. If you subtract $10 from $18, you are in lose but what if you have more views say 100k then for the same number of views you are just spending $10 and you are making twice as money compared to an ordinary Vocal creator.

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Make money writing on platforms that are similar to Medium.

Watch the video where I talk about how you can make money writing on Vocal.Media as a Begineer? Here.

  • HubPages: The Business model of the Hubpages is that they run ads beside your content as well as they also monetize their site through Amazon affiliate links. If someone clicks on the Google AdSense ads run beside your content or bought anything through the amazon affiliate links, you get a share. Their business model is more like YouTube where you get paid for ads running beside your content.

HubPages use PayPal as a payment method so if you are living in a country where PayPal is available then you can easily join HubPages and publish your articles there.

Sites Similar to Medium That You can make yourself a brand writer:

Now, let discuss some more independent alternatives. You either have to invest the money as well as your time to make pretty much good content to make money from writing on these platforms.

  • WordPress Blog: Having your own WordPress blog could costs you $100 to $120 per year but in my experience, it simply doesn’t worth it. I remember the days when I find it very difficult to find the motivation to write because of this thought that my blog post will be lost in those hundreds of blog posts and will never perform well on the search engines. The reason? My blog post loading speed was pathetic. When if it ranked on Google, it will be a pain the ass for a person to wait for loading my content.

There is probably a big scam market working behind it and I will write a post about it but keep this for a while. If I write one, I will add it here.

But, i will recommend Bluehost by building your own beautiful WordPress blog. Make your own blog with as less than $3/month. Signup here.
  • Substack: Substack is an email marketing platform combined with an editor and a search feature. You write great articles on Substack and it is delivered to the email inbox of your email subscribers. The business model of the Substack is based on charging 10% of the service charges from those who get paid, readers.

You can collect email addresses from thousands of people who are interested in your writing as well as “Lock” some posts for your paying subscribers to make money from your loyal readers. You can charge $5/month or $30/Year minimum amount from paying email subscribers to make money from your content. Substack is a powerful Medium alternative as most of the business model revolves around the email subscription.


So, this is how you can make money writing on Substack.

You can make money writing on Substack through three different ways;

  1. Through getting paid readers: This is the primary business model through which Substack (Company) and the writers are making money of. When you have enough readership, you choose to go to write some posts that are only for your paid readers. I have compared Medium vs Substack which will give you a good idea about writing on both these platforms.
  2. There is a writer in my subscription list who has over 10,000 email subscribers and he choose to run sponsor ads instead of paid readers to monetize his email newsletter. So, you can choose verity of ways to make money writing on your Substack newsletter.
  3. Through indirect way by mentioning your blog posts links, your Medium articles or YouTube channels.
  • is my favorite site to write articles about. I am feeling unlucky of not choosing to host my content on this platform. This platform gives you a powerful and fast loading server as well as a content management system with a minimalist editor. is one of the best alternatives for Medium for any writer. is a powerful WordPress alternative for creating and maintaining your own blog. You can find a complete review of WordPress vs Ghost here.
You get your own custom domain with a fast hosting. is a not-for-profit organization. Register through this link and make your own site like Medium.

You can also make money writing on Ghost by turning on the Paywall and lock some articles for paying members. This is what makes a powerful and the best alternative for is a not-for-profit organization and the owner of the Ghost believes the philosophy of “What if a company invests her profit into improving its product” This is a very powerful line and it makes me buy their subscription.

Here are some advantages of hosting your blog on Ghost:

  1. It is a minimalist design.
  2. You can create your own Medium like the site, take for example this site, it is somehow very similar to Medium and I can also turn on the option of letting people pay me to read my articles.
  3. The server is so fast that you literally don’t need to install AMP to be mobile-friendly.
  4. Ghost gives you an opportunity to build your own email list and sent an email to your Interested readers whenever you publish a new article.  
  5. is built on modern technology and design. The editor is one of the best to write articles and publish your best work.
  6. The editor of and Medium is very similar.
  7. The platform gives you a wide range of opportunities to monetize your blog.
Register through this link and make your own site like Medium on Ghost platform.
  • Fiverr and UpWork: If you want to just make money writing and don’t care about your branding then Fiverr and Upwork can help you making money writing on these freelance platforms. Some of the writers are literally making thousands of dollars providing their services on UpWork and Fiverr as content writers.

In the last I want to say that Medium is a good platform; the platform is quiet solid domain authority and the most credible Medium alternative is

In short, What are some Medium alternatives?

  1. Substack
  3. WordPress blog
  4. Quora
  5. HubPages
  6. Freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork
  7. Vocal.Media

I hope this guide will help you to find a platform worthy of investing your time and energy to build your credibility as a writer.

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