I was using Capital one account and wake up with this bad news that my capital one account has been restricted. It was on good standard and now i was struct to find out how to unrestricted my capital one account? I call their customer service but every goes without on veil. If your capital one account is restricted then this is the best article you could find to unrestricted your account.

Capital one credit card restricted after making multiple payments is also an issue where if you make multiple payments at once, your capital one credit card is restricted. The main issue here it is that they recognize robotic activity which trigger the system.

If you think why is your Capital one account is restricted then you don't need to worry, it just means that you did something on your credit card that it is has been suspended by Capital one. In some cases, they restricted the account because of data espionage or in some cases, you might end up not paying for the credit card fees which is more than 25% of the amount you have in your capital one card.

Before discussing some of the ways to unrestricted your Capital one account lets find some reasons of why capital one account are restricted at the first place?

Reasons of Capital one account restriction?

One thing to keep in mind here is that this issue isn't just for Capital one accounts but for other types of capital bank owned accounts like checking account. Here are some of the reasons of why your capital one account has been restricted.

  1. Minimum Credit limit: You have to achieve a just above a minimum credit limit in order to reactivate your Capital one account. If you credit limit fall below the minimum set credit limit then they deactivate your account.
  2. Some unknown Technical reasons: This thing happened with me. They have restricted my capital one credit card account and when i contacted them they apologize and restrain my capital one account.  
  3. Late Fees: Capital one charge you yearly for having a credit or debit card. If you fail to have enough credit in your bank account, this led to getting suspended on Capital one. This maybe very peculiar but still there are chances that they might restrict your account just because of not having paid the annual credit card payment for your capital one account.
  4. Your Capital one credit or debit card information is in danger: Data breach is one of the series issue of today age. If Capital one bank find out that your information has been leaked or they notice any illegal or unauthorized activity on your Capital one credit or debit card; they might suspend or restricted it for sometime in order to stop the payments.

Capital one permanently restricted

Capital one 360 Checking account can be get by any eligible US resident. If your account has been restricted, then Capital one will release your restriction once you met all the criteria like paying your late fees, or keep your credit card information safe to possible prevent any data espionage.

These were some reasons that might be a problem with your capital one credit card that led it to be restricted.

You can watch this video to understand Why Capital One Card account are restricted and how you can reopen it?

What are some ways to unrestricted your Capital one account?

What are some of the ways to unrestricted your capital one account. When they restricted my Capital one account, i did some research and after in-depth research, i find out that it is actually easy to contact customer service and unrestricted your credit card.

  1. Through Calling Capital one customer service: This is the best way to solve your capital one credit card account unrestricted. When you call to the customer service, they will assign a issue manager. Your issue manager will contact you after some time and will help you resolve your issues. You can directly call capital one customer service through this phone number 1 (800) 227-4825
  2. Visit the Bank branch that you have made account of: You can visit your local bank branch and ask the manager to find what cause your Capital one account restricted. They could probably help you finding the reason why your capital one credit card has been restricted?
  3. Find the reason and act accordingly: Visit this Capital One Support Center, where you could find solutions of any problem you are facing in your checking or saving account.

Some Tips for lifting the restriction from my Capital One account?

  • Lower all your credit score of less than 25% of the total credit you owed.
  • After lowering your credit score by 25%, allow this 6-months.
  • When your credit score is less then 1 fourth of the 100%, your restriction will be automatically lifted.
  • Don't ask for the credit increase while calling the customer service when your account is restricted.
  • Don't do anything that is illegal that make you less trustworthy.