I was using WordPress for over Three years and have a blog on Ghost.org from the past two months. I have learned a lot of things while being Blogging on WordPress and now, as I am using the Content Management system of Ghost.org, I am very impressed by their CMS. There is a lot of things that make Ghost.org a better platform than anything else. In this guide, you will learn “What makes Ghost.org blog different than a Blog on WordPress?”

When I was blogging on WordPress, I was naive, not know about things that I should have learned about, like page loading speed is a very important part of the search engine optimization and AdSense isn’t just a single way to monetize your site. When you search for the term “How to Make a Blog” on Google, almost every Blogger recommends you buy hosting from “Bluehost, Hostgator, A2AHosting” why? why is this trend is so continuous? I fall into this trap and bought the Hostgator hosting package.

I was being scammed for 3 years. Their services are pathetic and the other trap after trap is they all give you the option to Install WordPress as a Content management system (CMS) and you lose your calm.

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WordPress, without a doubt, is a good Content Management System (CMS) but have an editor that is highly negative rated.

What Is WordPress?

What is a Content management system build on through a PHP framework? It is one of the most popular content management systems. Over 70 Million blogs published through WordPress every month. WordPress has two versions of its site; WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is a free version in which anyone could make a blog and publish content.

While WordPress.org is a paid version of WordPress package but you can only install it if you have your own custom domain and want to set up your own server or you can buy a hosting server and a domain name from any of the hosting provider and install WordPress.

I have spent years working on WordPress until I realized that this platform doesn’t worth the struggle. Like every day, I wake up, write a good, SEO optimize post and there was no change in my traffic stats because I have bought a scam. Yes, most of the top bloggers recommend you to bought Hostgator or Bluehost and they all are scam and they all give you the option to install WordPress, never go for it because they receive over $65 per signup from their affiliate link. Instead, you can join a seamless platform like Ghost.org to build your own blog.

What is Ghost.org?

Ghost.org is a platform that gives you a custom domain as well as a Content management system with a great editor. The ghost was successfully launched on the Kickstarter campaign in 2013. You will literally love to write on Ghost.org blog compared to the messy WordPress hosting. How come I know that? because I am using Ghost.org as a hosting service.

Ghost.org give you two option to set up your blog; to set up your own custom domain, and the second way is to go for a subdomain. I would recommend buying your own custom domain from Godaddy and setup it with Ghost.org server.

Ghost.org could be economically way better platform then WordPress and it also did a lot of Search engine optimization for you.

As you can see people are moving from other platforms to Ghost.

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WordPress Vs Ghost: A Comparison

This is a complete comparison between WordPress and Ghost.org. I have spent 3 years blogging and WordPress and 6-month writing and having a custom domain on Ghost.org so i am probably more credible to give you a comparison between WordPress Vs Ghost.

  • The Difference in the SEO: To do SEO on your WordPress blog you have to install a plugin such as Yoast and installing every plug-in could cost you some page loading time. While Ghost.org does native SEO for you by default. You don’t need to install a plug-in, Ghost will automatically do SEO for you.
  • Getting Paid Readers: You can’t get this feature in your WordPress blog while on Ghost, all you have to do is to click on a single button and configure your Stripe account and you are ready to get payments from your most loyal readers. More and more people go away from displaying ads on their websites to make money from their Ghost blog and shifting toward a more recurring revenue stream known as Getting paid subscriptions.
  • Open Source: Both Ghost and WordPress are open sources content management systems. This means that you can alter the code to make the platform better for yourself.
  • Email marketing opportunities: You can add an email marketing platform to your blog run on WordPress but you have to pay to any email marketing platform like Mailchimp or convert the kit to sent emails in bulk. While Ghost.org does it for free. Just click on a single option in the “Lab” menu and you are done. You may have hundreds of thousands of people subscribed as an email list, still, you would not be charged a single penny.
  • Page Loading time: Now this is one of the major ranking factors. The faster you page load, the easier it will be for the user to get your content and so better ranking, in some cases, whenever a reader finds your article in the search and when she clicks on it, it takes 8 to 10 seconds for a page to load fully. While Ghost.org gives you a global CDN with a fast page loading experience. I have over 99% GTMatrix score through my Ghost blog.
  • Pricing: Ghost costs you only $29/month while Managed to host from WordPress could costs you $35/month. Here I am not talking about those hosting companies that charge you $10/month and what they do is “shit” If you are investing your time on something then you should invest it by buying hosting from Ghost. Why i recommend it to you? because I am doing this myself and I love the experience.
Ghost.org is a powerful WordPress alternative where you could build your blog and save alot of money, they also do SEO for you, Signup now for 14-days free trial.

Blogging on Ghost:

Writing on Ghost is like Writing on Medium. Ghost has a very beautiful editor where if you start writing on, you feel like writing on a blank, clean page. You can make money through your Ghost blog through any way like running ads or doing affiliate but I think if there is one platform that is suitable for the affiliate marketing or getting your first 1,000 loyal readers who could pay you to read your stuff, then having a Blog hosted on Ghost is the answer to that question.


As you can see their editor is clean, simple, and you can just be focused on your writing. It is like typing on a blank page. Most of the Bloggers choose to use Ghost for building an alternative site to Medium, where you could get more paid readers or some bloggers choose to do affiliate marketing while other use running ads on their Ghost blog. I think in the future, a lot of new bloggers will choose Ghost as a blogging platform.

Ghost uses a modern design and technology to build their platform while WordPress is still a PHP based platform. You can get more security on your Ghost blog compared to WordPress which has many security loopholes.

I am very much impressed from the company mission statement which is;

“What if the company invest the money it make into the product development”

One thing to note down here is that Ghost.org is a not-for-profit company and it invests the money it makes into the product, paying to the developers who make Ghost the best Blogging platform and re-invest the money into making Ghost a much better content management system.

Following are some advantages of having a blog hosted on Ghost;

  • Minimalist design: The design of Ghost is more like Medium. It is just you and your reader. The Ghost software is open-source and so you can have themes that can be customized.
  • The fast-loading experience: Most of the bloggers who recommend you other hosting companies, actually they aren’t doing it for you but for making more money off you. The best hosting I will recommend is either to go for any cloud hosting company or Ghost.
  • The free emailing marketing and SSL with almost no security breakages: One day, when my site was hosted on WordPress, wake up with this bad news that my sites have been hacked. That was the turning point for me. I leave the platform in two months and start hosting my content on Ghost.
  • The company mission statement: Ghost.org is a not-for-profit company, even it is a private company with a number of employees, still they are not-for-profit, open-source company and most of the profit is invested into making the profit better.
  • Global CDN, Modern technology, and design: Ghost gives you a global CDN which means that your readers will not have any problem loading the page. They have built their site on Modern Technology such as Node.JS and the design is what makes the Ghost a next-generation platform.

The Cost Factor in Ghost Vs WordPress:

WordPress's high tier package could costs you $35/month but you have to pay for the email marketing, buying advanced SEO tools, hire a technical SEO manager to do SEO for you, and almost pay for every advance service you want through WordPress. Cumulatively, it could costs you more than $500/year or more depending upon the list of the email subscribers you have and the SEO services you bought. Keep one thing in mind here is that the more you play, the better services you get.

But, you could save those extra spending on email marketing or buying SEO services just by going for getting your blog hosted on Ghost.org. Ghost has done Search engine optimization for you, you can add an email subscribe box with just enabling one click and write about your favorite topic.

Ghost could cost you just $348 a year while the same WordPress hosting plus paying for other services could costs you more than $500+/year.

What makes WordPress good for a blogger?

Okay, so here are some of the things that you should check before going to Install WordPress in your hosting CPanel.

  1. You are completely new and want to build just a blog.
  2. You can build more than just a website through WordPress like your own E-commerce website or a SaaS platform.
  3. WordPress community is a vibrant community where thousands of new themes and interesting plugins are created every month. You can automate most of your work like placing ads, or affiliate links through plugin but remember that plug-ins come with a cost of reducing your page speed and impacting your SEO.
  4. You don’t have enough money to invest. Keep in note that getting a WordPress hosting could costs you somewhere from $10/month from some hosting companies but these hosting companies give you a shared hosting which is just a lollipop to make you fool that you have a website or a blog. Will, the one who invests a good amount of money into building their blog are the one who invests thousands of dollars. You can easily bypass that through buying a Ghost hosting.

What makes Ghost.org a good fit for a blogger?

  1. You are in love with creating more content and monetizing through Ghost's most competitive advantage Aka letting people pay you to read your content.
  2. The minimalist design, the fast loading, and the best user experience. If you are a perfectionist, time to start blogging on Ghost.
  3. If you want to find an alternative to a platform that gives you a custom domain as well as the power of email marketing, Ghost is the right answer.
  4. The money you spent on Ghost hosting packages will go to the Ghost product development as Ghost is a not-for-profit organization.
  5. You can build a fully-functional website by integrating a lot of tools through Ghost. The ghost.org is built under modern design and technology.

Ghost Vs WordPress: Which CMS is the Best?

Come to the conclusion part where we are going to give you a simple answer about in between Ghost Vs WordPress: Which platform could be best for you? as you make to the end of this article you might have a solid idea about; what is WordPress?, What is Ghost.org? and what is the difference between these two platforms?

As you can see I have spent over 3 years blogging and hosting my Blog on WordPress but I was frustrated, I don’t want you to lose those writing years and hard work. I want you to be the part of this revolutionary platform that i myself is using. Ghost.org spent all the profits into the product development which means, your Ghost blog and your experience on Ghost will be completely different from your experience on Ghost after 1 or 2 years.

Ghost.org is a powerful WordPress alternative where you could build your blog and save alot of money, they also do SEO for you, Signup now for 14-days free trial.